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December 28, 2008


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Beth H.

Thanks for sharing these devotions. This hits home for me both with the trials with Mike's job this year and with our adoptions. We long for validation and vindication...but this year God is teaching us the hard lesson of looking to Him ALONE for it. I'm not so good at that yet :) as I still desire affirmation from people...and when I don't get it...I want to be angry and critical of them. Ugly. But, God in His great mercy is growing me...slowly but surely!

Thanks again for your prayers...we continue to lift up the SH family. May God's blessings abound in 2009!


P.S. If Scott makes a trip down to meet with Mike...we'd love to host you and the kids, too!

Tanya Robinson


Ouch, ouch, ouch. Don't you just love it when all things point to the same end? Both devotions. UGH. Let's just say that it's probably not an accident that I stumbled by here today either.

Emily has invited us to stop by SH at some point. Hope I get to meet you live and in person!


Joni in MN

Hallelujah! THIS is exactly along the lines of HOW Joyce Meyer teaches on a daily basis during her televised minisitry called "Enjoying Everyday Living" :) From her I've learned alot! One is B4 anything, upon waking say, "God Morning God" with a smile & Two is: Do I want to live for God or Man? :)
(Amoungst many other things I've learned)

One will often hear me say, "Fly like an Eagle" Just something for you all to think about... 'more will be revealed' :D

Peace, Joy, Love In & Thru Jesus,

cindi m.

Hey Kerry,

Isn't it somethng how we have to "grow down" (roots of humility) before we can "grow up?"

Love from NC.


Thanks so much for sharing with this recovering people pleaser.

Sweet Joni

Just a note as I've come back to "Kerry's Blogland" ;) to read lots of comments from the last wk... (I wish there were an 'edit' button on these, HA) Above should read "GOOD morning God" instead of "God morning God" but now that I type it, I'm thinking "Yes, it IS God's morning every day... HE can take us away quicker than HE gave us this day :) ??? (did I say that right) sometimes it's hard to write or say what I REALLY mean...
"Enjoying Everyday LIVING" should be "Enjoying Everyday Life" & the link for that is http://www.joycemeyer.org/

I'd like to also add a note to all you who've commented & especially to Kerry for allowing others to comment... I really THANK YOU for taking time to share your thoughts, experiences, likes, dislikes, Bible Scriptures, Devotions, etc... it's really all been INSPIRATIONAL for my life can grow. "You've been FRUITFUL in filling your purpose." ;)

And to ANDREA ~ Thanks for 'making my day' with the 'Van Story' I laughed silly!!! I agree a wreath would be kewl next yr. AND perhaps a statue of Jesus on the front for everyday throughout the year? :) I'm going to make a trip to the 'Biblical Store' nearby LOL :)

Peace & Love,

Caroline Salehi

Hi Kerry, I have just been listening to your speech that's above your posts and also reading the blog you posted today. They were both an answer to prayer. Through your humbling Kerry, God has reminded me and strengthened me in His Love and how i can receive it both for my own need of Him and also for others.

Today i was humbled by a family member and yes it was painful and unpleasant. Spiritually it felt like this person was hurling mud on me. I asked God 'Why do you let this happen to me so much and why do i let myself be trampled on like this? I want to show the glory of you in my life Lord??? Please show me. God did reveal to me that part of the pain was the distance i felt between me and the other person. I would so love them to know the Lord and His great Love, but... He loved me so i could love Him and i know that cost Him pain unspeakable and everything he is. I realized that 'more of Him AND less of me' is needed to sooth my ache for Love and to show others His Love. It will cost me everything i have, but then if i am His and He is mine, i have everything to gain in Him. Hello! What i have to lose is not worth having anyway!

In the light of eternity to be kept from pride is a blessing in salvation yet there can be pain in the offering our life to Him, there is a realization of sin separating us from Him. It is the pride that hurts us. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. With righteous suffering, it is painful but He is with us. But then from the perspective of eternity this present suffering is not to be compared with the glory He has prepared for us.

A dear friend of mine very wisely and gently told me to sing 'Hallelujah', at a time of great sorrow in my life, they knew that was the last thing i felt like doing, i could barely voice a 'H' !!!
I'm learning slowly that to have joy in any trial is to praise Him through it. That precious friend was showing me to see with Jesus's eyes the joy set before Him, the Matthew 5 'for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven'. That friend was telling me to rejoice in the reality of heaven. To proclaim 'Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven'. To pull down heaven to earth, to Love God with all the strength i have.
Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy..
Like mother Teresa said 'Love until there is pain, Love through the pain, until all that remains is Love'. I heard a missionary say 'my goal in life is to Love my neighbor as myself, by loving God with everything i have'. Of course these are the great commandments but the deeper you see it lived the more power is revealed and the Love of God transforms hearts with a compassion that can drive water through rocks. Im very thankful to God for that missionary that has allowed Jesus to shine so brightly. She and her husband have a centre where they call and care for those who need the bride to bring them home. She says 'we have no orphans in our care they belong to, Father God'. Happy missionaries.

My New Year prayer is this, Lord keep my gaze heavenward where my life is hidden in you, where my heart is full of you, just more of you Lord and less of me. You are God and i desire to trust you in the storm. To Him who is able to keep me from falling by leading me keeping me humble. I know I am weak but He is strong. Without Jesus i am nothing. I'm glad He doesn't want us to look on our sin, but repent to know the riches of His Glory in humility knowing our sins have been washed whiter than the snow by His infinite redeeming blood. I'm sorry Lord for being so prideful, and so sensitive to my feelings, help me to be more like you. Help me to show mercy with joy. Thank you Jesus for your grace and forgiving me, Hallelujah!!!
Thank you Kerry i was in great need of 'a bit of perspective'.
God bless you! Love Caroline. : )



I just had to share....your words are so moving. So beautiful and filled with Christ's peace. Thank you for them.

Patty Smith

I need to share this with my daughter who is navigating her way through 7th grade and just about to turn 13. Such wisdom in this, not only for me as her mom, but for her as she walks through the halls of middle school. I'm so grateful to God that she is His follower (unlike me when I was in 7th grade!) but I know it is so hard at times to stay focused on truth when the world is so overwhelming at times. Hopefully I will remember to read this with her tomorrow............I better go make myself a note.
Happy New Year!

Joni in MN

i fell pray please, mws knows... love, joni


It is a tradition with my wife, son, and I to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. We all go to a local shelter and stand in a line for four hours serving hot meals to people who might not have had that Thanksgiving opportunity.

Well, this Thanksgiving, my son (seven, by the way) "argued" God with a mid-30's homeless man. It only consisted of two lines, and it was a lot more passionate for Aaron than the situation really was. As the man was getting his food, I both said "God bless this meal for you." He looked at me and said, "well, there is no God, but thanks anyways." Aaron looked at me, looked at him, and said, "sir, yea there is a God." The man looked at him like his hair was on fire, turned around, and walked away. :) I have a feeling I'm raising a future preacher here.

Debbie from Ohio

Ouch, is the word! Thank you for sharing this and helping the rest of us to open our eyes!

Julie in CA

I needed to hear that, I have always had to fight insecurity. Thank God he removed that bondage from my life a few years back and now I just have to do the maintance work. I needed to hear this and pray about the things that have been bothering me lately.


I have been just a bit "blue" today. I don't like using the word depressed. But, in the midst of my own confusing feeling today (best way to describe it), I thought I'd just think out loud on here. I'm sorry if this isn't the place. It's been a family tradition for as long as I remember that we would write down on New Year's Eve the best part of the year for us and the worst part. Tomorrow night, we'll all get together to talk about what we wrote down, and there's been a lot that I could write about.

Last year, the worst thing that happened to me was watching Gracie enter Heaven. However, if I really think about it, if Gracie had made her list, she might have said the best thing about 2007 was meeting Jesus. It's interesting to try and grasp.

I have also tried my best to get my finger around being thankful. It's easy to be thankful for everything good that God has given, but it's hard sometimes to be thankful in the tough times. When the condition is not what you want, it's simple to just say, "all right, God, I want it my way now. Enough with Your will, I don't like this ride. Let me off."

For example, I am thankful that Jesus gave us four years with our daughter down here. I am not thankful for the cancer, the condition, but I am thankful for Him giving us four years with our little Princess. I'm thankful that He has shown us that He has an eternity that is real, and that I can spend eternity with Him, and my Gracie.

On this New Year's Eve "Eve", I'm just doing my best to be thankful. No matter the circumstances, the conditions, the situations, I'm trying my best to find ways to thank God for all He's done for me. You words were inspiring. Have a wonderful New Year's with your family.


Kerry and all,

As this year of 2008 draws to a close, just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts with so many of us. I am thankful and look forward to our journey into 2009 and what God has planned for all...

Many blessings to you, your family and those who come here often to be comforted, uplifted, encouraged, being an encouragement to others...blessings to all!!!!

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