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December 26, 2008


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My son was given a goldfish as one of his Christmas presents. It was quite a happy surprise for him! By the afternoon, he asked me to check on the fish because it wasn't swimming. Sure enough, it was dead!! Zachary started wailing. He was completely inconsolable. When I mentioned the fish's death to our other children, my oldest son, Nate said, "Well, Zachary shouldn't have taken the fish out of the water so many times!!!" OH NO! We had such a hard time controlling our laughter especially considering Zachary's broken heart. Poor Zach. Poor Swimmy the fish!
The good news is that Zachary has made a complete recovery and says that he's ready to take care of a new fish.
The story of our Christmas goldfish will last a very long time!


My most amusing Christmas memory happened when I was a little boy. It was the year I broke my arm on Christmas morning. It wasn't amusing to me at the time, but I've grown fond of it; boys being boys. I fell while trying to beat my brothers down the stairs to the presents. Instead of running down all the stairs, I jumped over the bannister. Flying myself in mid-air, I then landed with my arm behind my back in a heap on the floor. My arm broke in two places. What made the Christmas amusing was one of my presents; a new bike. I couldn't ride it for 6-8 weeks.

Patty Smith

Well we usually have some sort of mishap, but amazingly this year we didn't! But I have to share what happened at my husband's brothers house last year.......because I'm still laughing about it! Last year my husbands brother bought his daughter a new sewing machine for Christmas. Being so organized and wanting to save time on Christmas morning, he decided on Christmas Eve to open it up and get it all put together........and hide it in the oven. And not tell his wife. So Christmas morning, my sister-in-law turns on the oven to pre-heat for some yummy morning treats. Then a smell began throughout the house..........what in the world???? She opened the oven and there was my nieces sewing machine, melted to bits. I still have the photos on my computer because its just downright hilarious. And my brother-in-law was in so much trouble!! I'm pretty sure he opted not to hide anything in the oven this year!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for all the prayers Kerry, and the reminder at how powerful prayer really is, its really all we need. Don't know why its often the last thing I think of.........sigh.

Sweet Joni

First, a comment on Your Pics... I really giggle over "doing the jig" :D It's SO 'cute'/'precious'/'sweet'/'kewl'/'neat' errr take your pick! LOL Luv to see big brother enjoying being with sis & visa versa! :)
Second, it's so neat to click a name & see what others here are blogging about...sure relate to Patty's cookie adventure :D I too found the cake pan works great instead of cookie sheet but that was cause I got 'lazy' Thanks for 'heads up' on Pastry Flour!!! :D
Christmas this year was...em' different to say the least ~ took all but 3 hrs at Mom's & was over (nephews aren't boys anymore & had g.f. parents to attend also & I've been sick so wanted to come home too + had a sick guest here... Funniest, was Nephew (God forbid) has face piercings & his g.f. hung Christmas Ornaments from them ~ guess the piercings come in handy for something! :D


We need to rename our family van the Grinch. A few years ago (right after we bought it used), the transmission died on Christmas night while driving home from the airport where we'd just picked up the grandparents. We had to drive what is normally a two hour drive home in 1st gear. The people behind us were so happy. And then this Christmas Eve, we got the family all dressed up for church, in the van, backed out of the garage and found we had a flat tire. I'm thinking that next year I should get a wreath or a bow so it doesn't feel left out anymore. At least this year it got 2 new tires as a Christmas present. We've taught our daughter that only people have a spirit but I'm starting to wonder about the van! ;-)

Debbie from Ohio

We just had a cutsie little thing happen. All I asked for at Christmas was an updated picture of my three grandchildren, our youngest one is two and a half and the last one she was in with my other two grandchildren, she was 9 months old....I didn't know for sure if I was going to get that or not UNTIL....I had called my daughter one evening and she was at the Mall. The next day when I picked my two and a half year old granddaughter up to bring her to my house, we had a little conversation....SHE SPILLED THE BEANS! She told me in her own way that she cried and didn't want a picture! I thought it was cute but her Mommy didn't! You know what they say, "Kids say the darndest things!" Even though I knew I was getting the picture, I STILL CRIED WHEN I SAW THEM!
Hope the smoke smell gets out of your house soon. We've done that before when we were on vacation and rented a cabin....that sure doesn't smell very good! Happy New Year!


I guess our big mishap this year was not on our part at all, nor was it funny. Some kid decided to graffiti the back of the library where my mom works, on the day we were doing our Tree of Joy gift distribution for families in need. The ironic thing was that the weather was questionable, so my mom and I ended up spending the night at the library to make sure we could be there for distribution (I wouldn't miss it!). While were sleeping in the back room, and didn't hear a thing.

But on the funny note, my uncle got a head massager for Christmas this year. It was the freakiest thing, and we all had to try it. I was the only one who absolutely couldn't stand it, so of course they started sneaking behind me and getting me with it... But it was so funny to pass around the dumb thing, and watch everybody give it a try.


We always invite those without family in the area to come over to our Christmas celebration. My mother loves to decorate...everything from the mantle to the bookcases surrounding it to the Christmas tree and dining room table. She also loves to make yummy food. So when our Pastor and his wife, who were originally from another state, didn't have a place to go, we invited them over and they gladly accepted. We had a great evening and suddenly I looked over at the fireplace mantle and thick black smoke was coming from a candle decoration. It was almost to the netting (that my mom decorated the mantle and surrounding bookcases with )and was billowing black smoke. I yelled fire!!! And my pastor, who was telling some entertaining story, stopped dead in the middle of his sentence and just stood there white as a sheet as my parents raced to dump large amounts of water on the candle angel decoration that had gone up in smoke. Through the smoke and smog that now filled the house, my pastor and his wife were absolutely quiet for minutes as they just watched us clean it up and go about as usual.. it doesn't sound as funny as I type it but it was hilarious in person.


Our 4, almost 5, year old Hannah is our child who most looks forward and has a harder time living in the moment. She gets very excited for events and then has post-event letdown, sometimes in a big way. The night after Christmas, Hannah said to me, "Mommy, I want to re-wind to Christmas - can we do that?". It was a moment that gave me a big smile.

Jeannette P

Several years ago my grandparents built a new house across the street from my parents. We were all excited to finally have our 1st Christmas in their new house since they lived in a trailer while building it (my Grandpa was 73 when he was building it). The excitement soon disipated when my cousin's dog got lost in the woods when it was probably below zero & we had to look for him. It took several hours & all the festivities got postponed until the dog was finally found. My Gram was a bit annoyed but we still laugh about it now.

Here's a small funny from our Christmas this year. We have the birthday cake tradition & sing Happy Bday to Jesus each year. This year I decided to make an apple coffee cake. I was pretty excited about it because it smelled so good. I couldn't wait to serve it so after we opened presents I asked the kids if they wanted some coffee cake. All 3 of them acted as if it was poison I was trying to feed them. I was starting to get annoyed when it dawned on me that maybe they didn't understand what coffee cake was. I asked them why they didn't want it & they said they don't like coffee so they didn't want any. I laughed a little & then explained that its called coffee cake because people normally eat it while drinking coffee & that maybe they should try it. They did & liked it while everyone else enjoyed it immensely. I think they didn't fully get over the coffee thing but it was still funny.

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