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January 16, 2009


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Kerry, as my grandmother always used to say, "they put their pants on one leg at a time like all the rest of us!" I always laughed because I thought, of course they do..who ever heard of someone jumping into their jeans? :D So are you in Nashville for a few more days? Prayers for Scott, the kids, and you when you do make the trek home. It's freezing cold all over this part of the country!

Chris M

I think they are interesting too! I enjoy reading tidbits about your day. I thought you moved to Nashville when Show Hope moved. I didn't realize that you live in another state.

Julie in CA

That's funny! I grew up in LA, I have had many run ins. I also just ignore them and let them do their business. I have made some friends with people of fame in my adult life. I just treat them the same as I do any other friend.

Glad Nashville has been a balm to your soul and that God has blessed you with great fellowship there. It's so amazing!

Praying for safe travels.


Did Emily, Tanner, and the gang leave today (Friday) or yesterday (Thursday). Regardless, I will pray for them on this "great adventure!" :)

Sweet Joni

And it's especially neat when you get to sit and talk with other children of God ~Yes we are all Equal in God's eyes :)

Debbie from Ohio

I enjoyed reading this.....This happened to me in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where I was heading down the steps in this little mall there as my family was lagging behind and guess who I met face to face at the top of those steps????? STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN! All I could say way, "Hi!" He was kind and said, "Hi" and then I continued to walk on and when he got past us I turned to my family and said, "there's STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN!" My sister-in-law didn't believe it and once we got downstairs, he was in the bookstore and my sister-in-law went up to him and asked him if he was Steven Curtis Chapman. Of course he was! He was kind to my family and asked us where we were from and then he proceeded to sign autographs for us, he was looking for Mary Beth, they were there for their anniversary.
Anyhow, I still have that autograph! We were honored to meet him, never did get to see Mary Beth, though. Wish we could've met her too. So, this post, although you thought you were only passing time writing this post, it brought back memories for me. Now, every time we go to Gatlinburg, which is every October, I keep my eyes open for STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN! God bless!

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