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January 28, 2009


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Jeannette P

Kinda reminds me of the DC Talk song "Luv is a Verb". Hey, haven't you heard? Luv is a serious verb....

I think it was the first time I heard that song some 15 years ago that I first thought about Love as actually being a verb, a choice, and not a feeling. There are some days that I really need reminding of this because as a stay at home mom sometimes I feel underappreciated & overworked. Especially when the kiddos aren't sleeping well & I'm sick at the same time & not getting much sleep. I have to lay down my flesh that too often gets in the way & say, hey, I'm going to choose to serve my family with a loving, caring, Christ-like heart because that is what God wants me to do & its the right thing.

Lovin' one another is easy enough for the little ones to even do & yet sometimes it is sooooooo hard for us to do as adults. May there be more lovin' on of each other. Not just those we love & care about but strangers as well.

Joni in MN

AMEN!!!!!! {{{{Kerry}}}} I want you to know that you've just changed my last 24 hr 'mood' to a SMILE! And now it's time to go to bed talking to God as I drift off to sleep.

EVERYONE: THIS is SERIOUS!!!... I BEG you to PLEASE go over & read my 01.28.09 "Wednesday Prayers..." Blog about 1/2 way down Re:CHILD CUSTODY of 2 ORPHANS & further down Re: ABBY

*PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE CHILDREN* Thank You in advance! :)

Peace, Joy, Love be with you today, tomorrow & the past...

cindi m.

"Thanks for lovin' me Mommy."
What sweet words!

Cherish these days, Kerry.

You know what? I was re-reading your post thinking "My children tell me they love me but they don't THANK me for loving them."

The Lord just quietly reminded me, "How often do you thank them (or Me) for loving you?" Hmmmmm......

I'm gonna chew on that awhile.

Love from NC.

Debbie from Ohio

Yes! and Amen!

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