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January 23, 2009


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awww, that little guy melts my heart!!


Awww that is so cute! Don't you feel just terrible after one of those OOPS parenting moments?? Thank God the kids forget quickly! :)

Jeannette P

Not only is that cute but hits home in a HUGE way. I have gotten upset with my kids only to find out that they were trying to follow directions but needed help in doing so because of something similar to the pencil lead thing. Good reminder that we need to forgive but also not jump to conclusions of what is going on before asking some questions.

Joni in MN

Hmmm, maybe time to get a kiddie's pencil sharpener??? :-) Cole seems to have been raised with respect since he apologized without making an 'excuse why' FIRST... how precious!
(I'm sorry if that didn't make sense. I've trouble saying what I mean sometimes.)

Anyway ~ thanks again Kerry for sharing & letting us share here!!! It's 'heart-warming' to come to your blog :-)

Debbie from Ohio

Yes, it's very important for us to apologize to our children and our grandchildren. That is a precious story.

Eileen Mestas

AMEN SISTA!! I find myself in this boat quite often. I love your blog and just wanted to say hello. Blessings to you and your precious family. Hope to see you again in the near future.

In His Timing & Care,

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