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August 30, 2011


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Yeah!!!! Love to see you posting again because whatever you say is always a blessing! Cole always amazes me! I share the things he says with my children and they are always encouraged too.

Sent you an email, hope you received it. Love to catch up with you all. Actually I would love to sit in your home and have coffee (or tea) and devotions with you all again. :)


Oh, if we could be the kind of child to God as our earthly children are to us.....

....If we would hunger for the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth?

And, in our innocence, isn't it an Awesome thought that "we" could make God smile?

Love from NC.


"...suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of God!"

Our children surely are a treasure from the Lord! I love that we can often see the Kingdom in their hearts!



I love those kids!!!! And you too!!


This was so touching. Really blessed my homeschool mom heart. I love when my kids come forward with learning ideas.

I know the struggle of having a bad day while schooling. So thankful for God's mercies that are renewed each day.

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This was so in contact with. Really endowed my home school mom center. I really like when my kids come ahead with studying thoughts. elements he says with my kids and they are always motivated too.

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Nice om jou nuwe artikel te sien, dit is great! Dankie vir al jou pogings wat u in hierdie het. ek hou met my ondersteuning van jou idees uitdruk in jou artikel, en sien uit daarna om jou volgende artikel.

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