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February 12, 2013


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Sue Badeau

Dear Kerry - this was a pure joy and delight to read. I have been thinking about you a lot lately, as I have been writing a book about our own life journey through our adoptions, parenting, deaths of three children and more. Today I was thinking about you because I was writing about 2005, the year we went to El Salvador together. I remember praying with you so many times during those years! I miss you. Your son sounds wise beyond his years, what great lessons he has for all of us - thanks for sharing and I do hope we can re-connect - with much affection, In Christ, Sue B

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Via punkto estas valueble por mi. Dankon!


I've re-read this a number of times, and just today want to write to commend you and Cole for the insight for life you're giving!
God bless and be with you for all you have been and will be, with God's marvelous help!

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