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June 26, 2008


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Cindi M.

What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. I think God wants so much to be "found" by us so He can show us magnificent things.


This is an amazing story and I love the "picture" I get of God, the Father in my head when I think of Him saying "Love this one as your own and watch me". The next time I feel hesitant to follow His prodding, I'm going to remember that phrase and that vision, and I'm going to accept His challenge with all that I have. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

Corie O'Brien

Thank you for sharing such an incredible story. A great story to remind me daily of hope, trust and perserverence to a greater end in the midst of so much suffering and sadness. To God be the Glory.

Amy D.

Thank you so MUCH for your blogs, Kerry.


Dear Kerry,

A few years back I was preparing to give a witness talk on a retreat, and was a little reluctant about the vulnerability of that kind of honesty.

Right before the retreat I ran into a friend at church who asked if I had ever thought about why Christ retained the crucifixion wounds on his hands, feet and side on His resurrected body. She said to me, "He kept the wounds so they would become a source of grace and faith for others."

That one comment has stuck with me in a powerful way since then. I agree that it is not only the good that we do but the wounds that Christ heals that proclaim our faith in Jesus. Our scars are proof that "it is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick" and remind me how much I need my Savior.

God bless you Kerry,


ps. I was in Rwanda in 2003, and am absolutely astounded by your story... Have you read "Left to Tell"? It is written by a woman named Immaculée Ilibagiza. I think you would be so moved by this book if you haven't read it already.

Stacey Clark

I feel a kindred spirit from you as I read your blogs. I am encouraged and walk away with such peace when I read about the wonderful things that God speaks to you about. I too am the wife and my husband and I have worked in the youth field for over 15 years now and I have realized in the short time that I have been living that I can not touch another person's life until I myself have walked down the hard paths that this life can bring. How can I touch a hungry soul if I myself have not been hungry? Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ for every trial for it is then that this world can see Jesus through us, we are HIS hands, we are HIS feet, we are HIS people, children of the Lord." A wonderfully old yet so profound song. I would love to keep in touch with you on a more personal level; we are sisters/daughters of the king. Keep reaching, keep teaching, and keep posting your thoughts and experiences; it is more of a blessing than you will ever know.
Your sister,
[email protected]

Linda & Bob Shoemate

Thank you for re-telling your story. It is a beautiful story of God's faithfulness to a once orphaned child and does indeed speak of His great love.

Lee Ann Brown

I love the thought of surviving with grace...I pray that people will see that in me. Thank you again for posting so many things I need to hear. You have been a blessing to me this week.


I first heard part of this story from you about 18 months ago, and have shared it with so many people. It is an incredible story about God's amazing grace as evidenced by His caring shown in this family's life. I am so grateful to learn more about this family, and their continued walk with Him. I am also grateful and humbled by watching Him continue to weave threads of hope through the relationships He has given to His children. There are no coincidences; He wove Nyanja's family's life into yours for a purpose. Praise Him in all things!


I was reading this via cell phone yesterday on my way home from a special week long church event 6 hours away. When I got to the part about Nyanja's scars and the scars of Jesus, I just gasped "wow!" out loud.

I used to think it was amazing how the workings and mysteries of God parallel real life, but then I realized that I was wrong. It's life that parallels God. For Him to give us miracles, and to show us brief glimpses of Himself, it's all for us to know Him better. What a God of love He is. Thank you for sharing this story.

Brooke Burns

For a long time, I struggled with the fact that the scars on Jesus are still visible. If I were honest, I was somewhat angry that they were still there just as I was angry mine were still there even after many years of healing from the wounds inflicted in my childhood. So, when asked to share my testimony to a large gathering, I shared with a close friend and seminary professor my thoughts about this. He said: "You must know that just like Jesus, your scars are radiant scars. They draw men unto Him and are used to bring healing." The scars of Jesus-bring hope, healing and new life! The scar on Nyanja brought hope, healing and new life! He does the same with our scars when we surrender them to His. Amazing!

Tanya Robinson

I have to ask....does this story have anything to do with a certain "Beautiful Scars" song?

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