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June 17, 2008


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Kerry, Your honesty and sincerity is inspiring , as well as convicting. I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago while searching as to how the Chapman's were doing. I almost felt guilty reading your posts, as they are so personal and raw, but please know that God has taught me alot just through reading your words. The way you fight to keep your eyes and faith on Him through all He is allowing in your life, and in the lives of your dear friends, is amazing...and reflects God's heart in yours so beautifully. I hope you will forgive me for being so presumptuous to even comment on your beautiful post, but as I read your story, I kept wondering if you were familiar with Angie Smith, married to Todd Smith, who is part of Selah. I stumbled across her blog around the time I found yours and the similarities in what you both are going through is striking. Her blog is www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com. Again, please forgive me for being so bold, but as you mentioned in an earlier post, some element of comfort can come through the fellowship of those who are also suffering around you...perhaps some further comfort can come for you and Mary Beth in reading Angie's words. I am praying for you and your family and the Chapman's daily. May you know that God is holding you in His arms...the same arms that are holding your sweet girls, and sweet Maria. Love and sincere prayers, Angie Stanley

Lee Ann Brown

Thank you Kerry. There is comfort in fellowship with others who are waiting to be reunited with their children...you feel a freedom to say what you need to say and not worry that you won't be understood. Your words bring healing, thank you for sharing your sweet heart.

Lee Ann Brown
[email protected]


I don't know if you've ever heard the song "Praise You in This Storm" by Casting Crowns, but your post and the grief shared by all who know and are a part of the Chapman family constantly brings this song to mind. I continue to pray for healing, not only for the loss of a precious daughter, but for the loss you share for your close friends the Chapman family. God bless.

Misty and Sarah

I am truly in awe at how God speaks through you. Thank you for being so transparent in you faith as well as your personal life. I have been having some personal issues with my 12 year old daughter, she was adopted from Taiwan when she was 5 months old. What a awesome gift to receive a precious baby. But I feel that sometimes the pain of not being able to have a baby biologically is somehow wrapped up in our relationship as mother and daughter. I am very strong willed when it comes to being organized and I have a "in charge" attitude as a mother of 5 children, 2 adopted and 3 biological( God proved the doctors wrong!)
So I am so happy that you spoke the word to me tonight. I need to be broken and I need to let the debris of my painful past of not being able to have a child be swept out to sea... If you have a chance please pray for us that God would use our testimony to touch many lives.. And that he would heal our relationship through Christ....
In Him~ Misty Peterson


Dear Kerry,

I don't know you, but I am your sister in Christ and I check your blog every day for encouragement. And simply put, He is using you in my life like you wouldn't believe! Your witness is really helping me change my life and center it on the Lord. Because of your sharing my kids and my husband are experiencing a mom who has her eyes right where they belong, focused on our Heavenly Father.

I ache for you when I read your struggles, but they give me the strength to face my own. And oh, the Lord is so glorified as we grow in faith and cling to Him.

I only pray for a friend like you for when the storms rock through my life.... be blessed Kerry.

Your Friend,


Reading your posts the last few weeks, I realize I've got some forgiving to do. You have made me think back to my own miscarraiges 9 years ago, and how I handled the pain and loss. There were a couple of people who deeply wounded me in that time, and I've realized that I'm still holding on to that.
I really want to deal with that and truly forgive.
I am so glad that God used your writing to open my eyes.
Thank you.


God Bless you for being so open and honest in your posts and for your willingness to share it with others, so that others can begin to heal through your words and actions, their own losses and sin. I too have lost a daughter and we buried our grief for far too long and did not deal with it, we just kept pushing ourselves to go on and are just now trying to deal with the past and all that has happened. Before we lost our precious daughter, we had also lost several children through miscarriage. Your words are a comfort and inspiration and a reminder that with HIM we can get through this and good can come from our pain and loss.
We are blessed with 8 children through adoption and we know that this was HIS plan for our family and we put all our hope and faith in Him and give Him the Glory for blessing us with each and every one of them. I look forward to reading your blog. You have no idea how much your words are helping me and countless others. God Bless you, the Chapmans, the Mullicans, and the Coleys during this difficult time. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Blessings, Kim

Tina Christen

As I took a walk alone in the dark last night, I begged the Lord to help me stay in His presence and not to flounder in my sin, regret, and pain. As my pastor preached last Sunday...I asked the Lord to help me accept the boundaries of my life (what the Lord has allowed) and to see those boundaries as beautiful instead of a burden. I have a tendancy to play "If only..." games in my mind. If only I would feel more engaged in a ministry. If only my church were smaller and more intimate. If only my husband would be different. Even after my tear stained prayers of begging the Lord to change ME, I continue to be a sinner. But you know, those ARE my boundaries. We live in a that sinful, fallen world you talked about. My human heart is sin-ravaged. My only recourse is to continually look for His face and beg for forgiveness...to wait for His return, to see the beauty in that, and let that be my joy. Transformation is hopefully taking place, though I don't always feel I'm seeing it.

Kerry, thank you for opening the door to your heart and letting us in. You have blessed me this morning and led me once again into the Lord's presence. I'm so happy I have found your blog.

God bless you, Kerry!


Wow. How amazingly true and well put. I'm not sure that I've ever heard it put that way before, but, then again, I guess I've never been through such a turbulent storm. I know that trials are for our good, it's like putting gold or silver through the fire. All the impurities rise to the surface, and can be skimmed off the top to make the gold more pure. But I guess that's the same thing you're saying with storms. We can look a beautiful clear lake: so clear we can see the sandy bottom, but who knows what kind of junk and filth is underneath. It's only when a storm comes through and shakes it up that all the debris comes out, and can be removed. It's not fun or enjoyable, and it causes us pain, but it's God's way of purifying our lives and making us more like Him. I think I understand the line "I am the God Who never wastes a single hurt that you endure" all the more now. Thank you so much for sharing that.


Beautiful. Thougt-provoking. Honesy. Clear and full of life.

Thank you for sharing that. Sometimes I dont like what lays in the water, what grieves the Spirit or wastes my heart.

As a newlywed, I appreciate you sharing your struggles, it only ministers to those who are just now realize my actions hurt more than myself.

Thank you,


Dear Kerry,

Thank you for sharing God and all that he is teaching you with us. He is using you (the Chapman's, and Angie Smith) to open my eyes and wake up my heart. YOUR precious heart is blessing me.


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