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December 16, 2008


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I've a created prayer list myself. Every night, I lift up those names. I think it's important for the body of Christ to keep those connections with each other, and I'm thankful to know you keep one as well. This holiday season is just so difficult for my wife and me. We've been through so much in 15 short years of marriage, three miscarriages, Gracie's Homecoming, her heart just becomes so heavy during this time of year. I suppose I would ask for you to keep in prayer her sad Mama's heart. I'm just seeing all these twinkling lights and just wishing she were down here to see them. Then, I feel guilty for questioning God's plans. I do know our little girls will have a beautiful Christmas up there, and it's the sight of her on Christmas morning, staring into the face of the One who created her, that at least gets a smile on my face during this time of year. She loved Christmas. She's probably already shaken all the presents up there.

Debbie from Ohio

You're a special lady, Kerry! God uses you in many ways....God bless you!

Debbie from Ohio

My daughter Shelby, has constant back pain and takes pain medication for it. I ask for prayer for "wholeness" in her body. She wants to have another child but has to be off the pain medication first for about 3 months. In the past she had 3 miscarriages, then was able to carry a child full-term who is beautiful and healthy, and has suffered a 4th. miscarriage since having her. We pray that she will be able to have another full-term pregnancy and another healthy baby when she is given the go ahead to try. Thanks for the prayers!

julie in CA

For my husband Marty to receive his new organs in the coming year. We are praying for a perfect,perfect match that only God can orchestrate. We are praying for completely healing.


Thank you for your heart going out to each of us.
My prayer request~ Oh, I am shaking already and my heart is racing. This is hard for me because it has been pressing on me for so long. Tonight I went to my Women's Bible Study. We are in Esther with a Beth Moore study. I haven't been to BS in 3 wks and was strongly encouraged to come tonight by many of the ladies. Tonight was about how Esther had to choose to be courageous. A minute into the video I knew it was the Lord who had asked me to come. Here is what spoke to my heart and got my attention. "I can protect myself right out of my calling", and "I may be one brave decision away from changing my life and living it the way God intended and planned it". A call to be Brave and Courageous! Another great statement was, "We can be one decision away from breaking the same old story line of our lives." This all may not mean anything to others, but it was so profound to me. I gasped right out loud and even said a very loud "WOW!" right in front of everyone. Here's the story behind all of this for me. I know without any doubt that I have been called to China and to work with or for orphans. Ever since I was in High School and perhaps earlier than that. IT FRIGHTENS ME. Like I said in a past comment post, I have been to China 3 times. This last January I started an earnest seeking and searching process to go back to China and work in either the orphanage or with a foster home there just outside of Beijing. I have had the idea to stay 3 to 6 months, to a year over there and maybe longer. Through one thing or another it hasn't worked out. And I know why. I am the 'another' part of that saying. I am too afraid to just pick up and leave everything. I am too afraid of the what if. Beth talked about a sentence for us to think about in the video tonight. "And if_________ (this happens,whatever you fear most), then______ (the outcome you believe will occur, be it tragedy, heartbreak, whatever.)
The dialog provided was "and if, our greatest fear, then, God would ask what? You fall apart, you lay on the floor for days and wail, you slip into depression and heartache, then, then, then? And soon it turns into then, I lift my head up. Then, I open my Bible. Then, I start remembering Your promises. Then, I start letting you, Father, pick up the pieces. Then, I start moving forward again with Your grace and love, and power. Nothing will ever be to hard to go through with Him. One verse given was 1 Jn 4:18 ...Perfect love cast out fear...
I am tired of the fear. If I move to China, then everyone will forget me. If I move to China, then I will miss out on something here. If I move to China, then I might not ever get married. If I move to China and experience the most heartbreaking experience of some of those babies dying in my arms, then I might never recover. I realize that these my not be the most rational fears. But they are that. My Fear. Oh how I love those babies and older children I have met already. I think about them. Pray for them. Tell as many as will listen about them. This fear is suffocating and debilitating.
So my prayer request~ For the fear to be removed so I can do what God wants me to and to follow Him ever more closely. To be so bold and courageous in the Lord that I can actually step out and start doing instead of saying I will.
Kerry, if any of this is not appropriate in anyway to share on here, feel free to delete.
Thank you for loving people so much. What a gift you have been given.
I continually pray for you and your family and others that have been mentioned on here. The devotions on this blog have worked on my heart so much over the last couple of months.
Thank you.

Patty Smith

Please pray for my husband's cousin's family (the Hayes Family). Brett lost his battle with Melanoma on Monday at age 34, the funeral is Friday. He leaves behind his wife and kids ages 4 and 6. It was very sudden and unexpected, they thought he had more time to fight.

Pray for our dear friends the Wik family who are spending their first Christmas without their 12 yr old son who died suddenly on Valentines Day. I talked to the mom today, and she's just trying to stay busy. Needs lots of prayers.

Also pray for my husband and I as we are stepping out in faith with a huge decision that has been a long and winding road over the past year and a half. Pray for only GOD's answers in this, and I'll share with you all more when we have our final answers. We're moving forward in faith that God will guide right now.

And thank's Kerry for being willing to listen and pray for complete strangers.
I've been challenged and blessed since reading your blog! And when I read the comments of others, I realize we are all in this together and the suffering is great among us all. I am challenged to move beyond my selfish living and look to the needs of others and pray without ceasing.

Merry Christmas all!


This is the first time I've commented, but read your blog as I came across it awhile back---I think we know some mutual people in Nashville---although my husband and I are now in Los Angeles.

I am 25-years old and in May I've had to undergo major back surgery as a result of a work-related injury (I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner at a children's hospital). The past year and a half since my initial injury and then the difficult surgery have been very difficult and painful. I was just at a stage where things were looking better---physically doing better and getting ready to return to work normally and then I was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in my lungs). And again, it felt like things have come crashing down! Now I'm on blood thinners and going through batteries of tests to determine the cause. I know that I am one of the lucky ones---I've been told that 30% of people with my condition just drop dead without even knowing what happened. I know that God has a plan for this and a plan for me--but it sure has been hard seeing that at times.

I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness in praying! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs/devotions over the last few months. They have really been a blessing to me during these difficult times in my life.

cindi m.

Thank you for providing this opportunity. Please join me in praying for my Mother-in-Law. She has been in Duke since Friday when she was found unresponsive in the nursing home. She's conscious now and off the ventilator but is confused. She thinks my husband is her brother & thinks she can just get out of bed & take off. (She hasn't walked in 2 years.) Please pray also for my Dad, who is in a nursing home & goes from being the sweet man I know to taking his clothes off & yelling at the caregivers.
Please pray for my daughter & her boyfriend.
She was raised in Christ & he was raised with a Jewish background. He's about to leave for another deployment to Iraq. Please pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to them so they will know He's real and choose to honor Him with their lives.

May His Will be done in all these situations. In Jesus' Name.


Thank you for blessing us with your blogs. I have a prayer request right now. I am a law student who went to go into child law, and am not doing well emotionally, physically, or academically in school. I have always been at the top of my class, and everything has suddenly come crashing down...I simply have not been able to handle all of the pressure. My relationships with those I love, and most importantly my relationship with God, has also suffered. I was so sure that I went into this field to do God's work, but it has done nothing but turn me into a self-centered, angry, tense person, in only 6 months! I know this is of course my fault, but I am at a crossroads right now and don't know where to go. I am considering a few other options for careers, and would really appreciate prayers that God guide me in the right direction, and give me the tools and knowledge to succeed in the path He chooses for me.

Bethany in Atlanta

Reading through others' prayer requests reminds of how blessed I've been this year. Though not as urgent as some others, I do have two requests. The first one is for my mother-in-law (Donna) who has been struggling this past year with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She has been seeing a new doctor that is supposed to make her better, but she isn't better at all. She's getting very discouraged, so I guess I would ask that you would pray for her to be healed this coming year. And the second request is for my husband and I (Bethany and Aaron). We work at the same company, and our jobs are very shaky right now. Our lease is up in February, so that would be a great time to find new jobs and move, but we have no job prospects right now, so we have no idea what will happen after January. If our company gets more work, then we won't lose our jobs, and we can just renew our lease. But if we do lose our jobs, we'll need to move and find new jobs, and I have no idea where that would be. So I guess I would ask that you pray for us to know God's direction in this situation. I trust that He will take care of us no matter what. It's just hard not knowing where you'll live or work in 2 months! Thanks for all you do, Kerry! I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer, as well.

kathy naylor

Please pray for my pastor and his family who seek a new people to minister. They have been seeking for over a year.


I love the lesson that God is teaching you. Wondering if you have heard of the international house of prayer (IHOP) www.ihop.org Their heartbeat is worship and intercession. They talk about the bowl full of the intercessions of the saints. My husband passed away 2 weeks ago from a tree cutting accident. God is good and so many are bringing us before God. I appreciate your heart. See a sweet video of my husband at the bottom of our blog.



thanks so much for sharing your heart- I am always encouraged and challenged by your blog. Please be in prayer for me and my husband. We have been separated for 5 months due to his addictions that greatly affect our family. We are both in individual counseling and about to take the plunge into couple's counseling. We are both seeking God - not sure what His desire is, I just want Him and His best for our lives. We have 3 small children - we continue to pray for protection over their hearts, minds, eyes and ears... it's complicated and sad and overwhelming - our family needs peace and God's miraculous touch this season... thank you for your prayers!


Would you pray for my marriage.......


Please pray for our church. Our pastor of 5 years answered God's call to a church in Florida. He and his wife served God in an amazing way and they will be missed. Please pray that the church body will seek God's will and not our own. Many of us want to serve only God, and are distracted by those with bitterness of hurts long past. Thanks, Kerry, for your heart to serve and for your sensitive spirit. I love reading your blog, and can always find something that touches me to tears each and every time !!! God bless you and your family.


Praying with all for the orphan. For the love and wisdom to do God's will for all His children.

I pray for my family, as well as all those whose heart has been lead to the orphan and orphan care, to not miss what God might be asking, sharing, showing, teaching us about His precious waiting children.

Kerry, on a personal note, your Christmas gift of a bowl full of incense is such a loving gift to our Father. I thank Him for the day I stumbled onto your blog.



Thank you for the most precious gift I could recieve this Christmas. I lost my Dad a little over two months ago and it's been so hard for me. It hurts so much and while I know he is in a better place and no longer in pain, but I miss him greatly. This holiday season has been really hard and I have just wanted it to be over as Christmas was one of my Dad's favorite holidays and it doesn't seem right to celebrate it without him here. Please pray that God continues to walk with me through this time of sadness as there are many times I feel so alone. I also ask for prayers of healing, I have spinal issues and had a 3 level fusion almost 2 years ago and even though I had been pain free, the pain is back and the doctors are concern.

God bless you and your family this Christmas season and all year.


thank you so much for being so faithful and living the Word. I do have a prayer request that is weighing heavy on my family. Due to infidelity our family disintergrated in 2001. I remarried in 2005 and last year my husband and I moved cross country after he retired from the military and accepted a job 3000 miles away from our home state. My 16 year old is in CA with his father, he did not want to move at the time. Now he wants to come live with me and his father is threatening and manipulating him. My son is afraid of him. I am flying home next week. His father had another affair and is going thru another divorce and a custody battle over his infant. His mistress has moved into the home. Please pray my son has the courage to stand up to his father and the mediator/judge if it comes to that to say he wants to be with me. Pray for my son's safety and peace for him. Pray my husband's heart is softened to me returning home for the remainder of the school year.

In His Grip


Please pray for clear information as to God's will in regards to us adopting. We have three bio children and I had melanoma two years ago (32 yrs old) so my medical history is not clean. However, I know this is something God wants us to do but I don't know where or how we will pay for it. I've been researching for a couple of years . . .


Oh Kerry, what a perfect, gorgeous post, and at such a time as this, when we can offer these prayers up as a birthday present to Him! I so appreciate your heart and your sharing of these precious treasures you find. This is something we will be doing in our home on Christmas Day, with all the prayers offered here, mingled with those of people in our circle of friends and family.

I want to add a request to your bowl! My family and I have taken on the adventure of raising up a faith community as sponsors for 100+ orphans and their caregivers in Swaziland. I believe with every bit of my heart that God knows which of His big kids He has chosen for each of His little ones.

My request is that we patiently, obediently listen to Him as we make connections with people and that His big kids' hearts are open to obeying His call.

To be honest, one of the hardest things for me is to not feel like there is a fire that needs to be put out quickly. When I think of the children, I want their sponsors to show up NOW! So I would add that I want prayer to trust Him to accomplish His perfect will, and that I wouldn't feel discouraged by waiting.

Now, what prayer can we put in our bowl for you and your family?

The four of us send you and yours love, and pray that your celebration of His birth is filled with His brand of peace, love and joy!

In Him, with joy!


Thank you all for your prayers. May God show you all where He wants. My first prayer is for a family that I have gotten to know via blogs. Their youngest is very sick and her intestines are in rejection. She was healthy to be home for Thanksgiving, and the planned the first family trip since she was born. God needs to preform a miracle for her and mom to go. But I have seen God do amazing things this year. My heart aches for this family and would love to see this wish fulfilled.
There is a link on our blog to their blog.

Thank you all. Have a wonderful Christmas.


As I read each of these posts and pray for each one as I read them, I am so thankful
our Father loves to hear us pray. I will continue to pray for each of you. As my Dad went to be with the Lord just 3 months ago, I would ask for pray for myself. At times I am just so sad and I miss him so much.
Kerry, Thankyou for this wonderful post. It as such a Blessing.

miriam ferguson

Kerry and others,

My name is Miriam. I can't be specific with my request, but please pray for me and my family.

Thank you my sisters and brothers in Christ.

mary hicks

kerry, you are a blessing! please pray for the salvation of my closest family members. God knows them by name, doesn't He??? you are an inspiration! how neat that our daughters get to spend the celebration of His birth on His knee...
Merry Christmas, sister!


I came across your blog Kerry when Maria went to heaven. It has been a great encouragement to me spiritually and relates so much to lessons I am learning in life right now. I would like to join in praying for requests mentioned. It is like giving a gift to someone, to know I can pray for them and God reaches into their life. I too have a request for my family. My husband feels caught in the work, pay debts monotinous cycle. We also have stresses with our son who has mild cerebral palsy and ADHD and our daughter who is 12 has kicked up her heels into a defiant manner. Our 16 and 4 year old are affected by these things. Once close to God, my husband is discouraged and it would be nice for Him to sense God's love for Him. I can't say I have been a great wife as to not hounding him about getting on the ball with the family and spiritually. I feel the Lord pointing me in thoughts of mercy triumphs over judgement. I would like prayer to be gracious when I feel I am carrying things that my husband should. I am sure nagging is not effective! I know there is so much in making different marriage situations balance but I think for me knowing this situation I should show grace and respect for Him and keep my mouth shut. Most times I feel like hitting him on the head with the iron pan! So all you people reading see how much prayer for grace I need:) Thanks for letting us post requests Kerry and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. I enjoyed seeing the new pictures you put up.

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