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December 16, 2008


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Toni Steere

My name is Toni and my little one's name Estefan. Over the past six months his desires have become very intense. Estefan is adopted from Guatemala. He is beautiful, growing so well and so well adapted but his desire to have a daddy is so intense. Please pray that God would move in our hearts...that God would move especially in Estefan's heart and give him peace as we journey on.
We are planning to move back to Guatemala to work in an orphanage there in the area of social work and discipleship in the next six months...so lots of change around the corner. We appreciate your prayers!

Jeannette P

We I am late in reading this but I do believe that it doesn't matter the timing because God is always listening to us.

I actually have a few for my family. I have 3 sisters and 2 of them need prayer. My youngest sister & her husband have been trying to have children for a few years now. She had an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago & seems to be doing pretty good but I know her heart still aches for the baby that she lost & for the inability to get pregnant ever since. I pray for healing of her body, her heart & that God will bless them with a child soon. She's the most amazing person & loves children & I know she'd make a fantastic mother. They are currently finishing paperwork to become foster parents & hopefully adopt sometime.
My younger sister and her husband are having a very difficult time with their marriage. I have been praying for them for well over a year & sometimes I see glimpses that things will turn around but I am still waiting. I pray for their courage to seek Godly advice to help them communicate with each other. For them to live within their financial means & that my brother in law will ask Jesus to be his Savior. I'm not sure he has yet. They have 2 small children that feel the stresses of everything & I pray for their spirits to be unharmed & that they will grow strong in God.

Lastly I ask for prayer for myself to surrender my flesh with regards to making healthier choices. I feel as though I am not being my best for God, I am giving Him my leftovers & that is not what He has asked of me. I am to give Him the 1st pickings and I have not been doing that. I pray for the strength to make the choice to exercise & eat healthy & to make time each day to spend with God in my quiet room despite the craziness of each day with my family.

Thank you Kerry for offering these prayers up on my behalf. I feel blessed to be able to read your insights of what God is teaching you & try to hide many of these words in my heart. Happy New year!


Hey, You prayed for my family during this post/season God was calling you to. My husband had just passed away when you wrote encouraging words to me. I wanted you to see how we are doing and the amazing things God is doing in our lives. themasonfamilyjournal.blogspot.com
is my family blog if you get a chance to check it out. I so admire your transparency. It is refreshing and encouraging.


This is an amazing Blog! Peace and blessings to your and your family! You are an amazing person!


Please support me in prayer for few things:
For RENEWING IN THE SPIRIT, prayers that are have efficiency, might, closeness with the Lord
For friend KACA -that she RECONCILE with her NEBOJSA, for their NEW BEGINNING.. That he does not pay attention to one JELENA, who is like after him, ENJOYING IN DESTROYING RELATIONSHIPS, GOSSIPING OTHERS, SELFSHNESS, but to REMEMBER LONG LOVE WITH KACA...
For their ways to MEET...That K. & N show their FEELINGS, and that GOD work out peace between them, healing their old hurts,THAT THEY START AGAIN and continue their WAY TOGETHER & and officially get married!
And for many blessings on YOUR, MINE, KACA'S.. on our families, for HEALTH, more finances, God's leading and protection..God's spiritual & financial blessings-BLESS YOU
Your sister in Christ, MARINA

freelance writer

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Melissa L.Rodriguez

I ask in Jesus' Holy Name everyone be healed
of whatever is troubling their lives.
Melissa L.Rodriguez

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