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December 13, 2008


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I enjoy reading your blog. I check in almost everyday. They bring such comfort and healing.
Here's a thought - I have 2 boys and 2 girls but I blieve that boys are your rewards for surviving your daughters. (Well, at least on the rough days :)) Although, some feel just the oppostie.


Thank you, Kerry, not only for caring enough to share scripture, time in prayer, lessons/devotionals, and your personal experiences, but also for inviting us to post about ourselves as well! It truly is an honor to call such a godly, compassionate, and honest person my "sister."
I am a blessed stay at home mom to two sons, 9 and 6, and one daughter, 2, adopted in China a year ago. Such undeserved miracles!
Before "the hardest job of my life," I was a research scientist (met my husband in graduate school).
I am totally lost in a grocery store without a LIST! I forget everything.
I enjoy serving in the preschool Sunday School department at my church; VBS is my favorite week of the summer!
I have known Christ as my Savior for 30 years. He's still workin' on me!
I love to hear the laughter of my very curious and active little girl, watch my younger son play football with great passion, and listen to my older son play the saxophone so beautifully!
I love to help others and to volunteer!
I enjoy baking and trying new recipes often.
I am a terrible griller, an overly cautious driver, and a clean freak.
I struggle often with forgiveness and frustration, yet I am so thankful that He has never failed me!
I follow many adoption blogs, shedding tears, lifting prayers, and laughing out loud as families post their experiences and thoughts during the journeys to their children.
My car looks like a big box of children's snacks exploded in it.
I don't know what I'll be cooking for dinner tonight?!
But enough about me; you're much more interesting!
Merry Christmas!

Kerry Hasenbalg

Dear Patty Smith (regarding your note to Brandi),

Your encouragement to keep a prayer journal with specifics is so wise! When things get really tough, we can look back and see how God answered our prayers in the past...and this strengthens our faith. And the most specific the request and then God's subsequent answer to that request, the more strengthened our faith becomes. This has been one of the strongest faith builders for me. And in my darkest hours, I held to all that had happened in the past - things I journaled or prayed in the company of godly witnesses. And God loves this too because then He gets all the glory. So, Patty - thanks for that encouragement to all of us. Kerry Hasenbalg


Loved reading about Patti's sweet daughter's Hand Picked, by God, birthdate!!! Amazing Grace. Time and again I am overwhelmed how those who are "technically" considered orphaned are wrapped in the most loving Father's arms possible!!!!!!

I love coming to your blog, Kerri. I walk away refreshed and inspired and humbled time and again.

We are a family of seven and in 1,999 God walked our family through a miscarriage. Only He could know what He had planned for our family...to say that our family was in awe of His goodness in 2,001, 2,004 and 2,006 when we welcomed home our daughters through God's gift of adoption,all three born in China, would really be searching for a word when truly those experiences were so of God, so Holy.

Thank you for all you continue to bring to those of us who journey with you, Kerry and all!!!


A few facts about me!
Hi my name is Melissa I am 23 years old.
I have been reading your blogs for a while now and you always minister to me!

I went through a lost of a 2 year old little boy (got hit by a car) who ment so much to me, he was my little buddy and HE will always be forever and ever. The most painful thing I have ever gone through. 7 years later and i still want God to give him back :( I see the pains of others and my heart breaks. I have a heart and passion for the lost and broken!

I have 3 siblings who all got married within a year last year and I sit here still waiting on God to bring me the man he has created just for me! It gets very depressing watching everyone have the one thing I desire, but holding onto hope that God has someone special out there just for me. I will continue to stay faithful to the man I have not met yet, he must be out there I am waiting and praying for him!

One of your blogs talked about seeing and naming good things that happen, I see my hurt and what I want not happening and all I do is complain to God, for now on I am going to try to name the good things that happened that day!

I ~*LOVE*~ how you learn from your kids!!! You sound like a really great Mommy! Something I desire to be someday!!!

Thanks for being honest and sharing your heart with all of us strangers :) I am sure you touched a lot of lives, you have mine!


What a fun post today! Sometimes I get bogged down with the deep stuff and love the random, get to know more about someone.

My random thoughts....
I enjoy playing in the rain.
Although obnoxious at times, I love to hear my 2 boys screaming and yelling as they run through the house.
I am an off the page extrovert married to an off the page introvert. We are surviving and working on thriving.
I love reading and napping in a hot bath (not at the same time though).
I wanted to have 12 boys growing up and live on a ranch. God has given me two and another on the way (ssshhh, no one knows yet, a Christmas surprise). Too old for more than this one but would love to adopt an older child at some point.
I have been sky diving and loved it. The other thing on my list I really want to do is swim with dolphins.
I can touch my tongue to my nose.
The one thing I want in a home that I have yet to have is a fireplace (bathtub and large kitchen have been met).
I love the Lord but am praying for the fire I had as a single.
I love playing cards, games or anything that involves other people.
I have started playing tennis again after 20 years.
I like anything with white gravy on it (you can take the girl out of the south but you can't take the south out of the girl).
I am learning to like spinach.
Any kind of dessert is great as long as it is not fruit filled, has coconut or raisins in it.
I love to know that SCC is the real deal. I have listened to him for years. He has always been one of my top four (he is probably number one). The others Wayne Watson, Michael W and Keith Green.
God bless and keep up the blogging. I never reply but do enjoy it and am often challenged and encouraged. Your transparency is wonderful.

May Gourlay

I am a homeschool mom of three wonderful children, 8(b), 4 1/2(g), 2 1/2(g). They keep me very busy! I was re-reading a book to my 4-yr old tonight about how God made her and named her. It's no accident that her name means "little fiery"! How funny!

I just turned 40 in Nov and celebrated with my girlfriends while our husbands watched the children. It was great fun and all "gifts" went toward a Christian shelter in Houston, Star of Hope.

I stayed up WAY too late while on the computer and my kids wake me up to get the day started.

I have a wonderful husband who puts up with the craziness and messiness of the house.

I thank God for His love. I can't imagine life without it.


I love the honesty in your post. It was fun to "see" into your home and heart. Here's a little of my world. My husband and I will be married 20 years in March. He's such a wonderful man! I'm can honestly say he spoils me. We have three children. Our middle child left for her heavenly home at the age of 7 (she was an organ donor). We miss her so much but know is safe in the arms of our Father and He loves her far more than we can comprehend. Our son is 17 and daughter is 6 (we adopted her in 2002). If I may pass on a prayer request, my b-i-l (37) is suffering from a cancerous brain tumor (terminal) and it is changing his personality and his wife and kids are having an extremely hard time with him. Prayer just for the Lord to accomplish His will in this situation.

Sally McRae


I have loved all your posts deep and personal alike- beautiful! And who's to say a blog should be written one way...=)

Thanks for posting new pics; I can't believe how big the kids are getting! (Maya is GORGEOUS! And Cole is quite the Handsome little man.)

A detail about me? Hmmmm...well since becoming a mommy, I have become increasingly more appreciative.
I appreciate being able to take a shower most days of the week.
I appreciate a few moments of uninterrupted thoughts (Yes, I have stopped three times to tend to the kids just while posting this comment!)
I appreciate eating an entire meal...and at the temperature in which it was intended to be eaten!
I appreciate clothes that don't scream, "Hi, I'm a Mom so please view the puke, food, and drool stains as my jewelry!"

Would love to write more...but need to go work on my appreciation for my screaming daughter right now! ahahahhaha.

Love you dearly Kerry...Hugs!


I absolutely love your blog and have been inspired by it time and time again. (I found you through research on an orphan care project I did last year. As a part of that, I spoke to several people at Shaohannah's Hope, including your husband and Emily.) Thank you so much for continuing to write and share the way God is working in your life.

Funnily enough, even though you said this blog is more about the mundane and not the spiritual, God still used it to refocus my heart on him and be reminded what godly lives look like, even in the day to day.

And something about me? Sometimes I feel like I have to work really hard to love like Jesus does (your jealousy comment really struck a cord in my heart), and other times it feels very easy. But it is always worth it.

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