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January 06, 2009


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Dear Kerry and Scott, you are in our prayers tonight as we offer up our gifts to our Servant King, even as you have been throughout this day.

Beth H.

A beautiful tribute to your husband! You are all in my prayers this week! May God make His loving Presence known to you and Scott like never before!



Dear Kerry, Thank you for your beautiful and poignant post. Please give Scott a birthday hug from me. You will all be in my prayers on these 2 days with such different emotions. Love to you all, Tricia


Happy Birthday to Scott!!! Hoping your evening is filled with the Peace of Jesus.

Tomorrow, I pray God's loving arms be wrapped around you all.

Julie in CA

Happy birthday to Scott, I hope today is a enjoyable day.

Praying for you both during this very difficult time. Praying for the comfort and peace of Jesus to be upon you.

cindi m.

Celebrate.......and .........Remember.

Remember........and .........Celebrate.

To Scott: Thanks for being the man of God you are and for heeding the Call. Please hold our Sister extra close tonight, knowing that the Comforter is surrounding you both with layers upon layers of pure love and perfect peace. And Happy Birthday.


Thank you for sharing your precious journey with such dedication to the Lord and perserverence in faith.

praying in Christ,



Praying for you and your beautiful family today.


Debbie from Ohio

That is a very loving tribute to your husband. He was born for you and you for him, God's plan. I trust that the Holy Spirit comforted the two of you yesterday and today and will continue to do so. Prayers and strength!


Just stopping by to let you know you are being carried today in prayer. Prayed for peace and love to just surround you all, hold you up and encourage you with much JOY.

Your words to others, Kerry, during Advent and the Christmas season were words filled with much Hope...when you write about the orphan and orphan care, again, with Hope!! Today I Hope for Christ's peace to fill your heart and home!!!!

Jeannette P

As usual I find your words eloquent, sincere, and Godly. I am amazed & blessed at how you have a heart for God even through the difficult times, well, especially at the difficult times. I know first hand that the loss of a child is very hard but when you rely on the Lord to get you through it is not necessarily easier but just seems to work better.

Happy Birthday Scott. Your wife sure does love you & it sure sounds like you are a great blessing not only to your family but God's family. Thank you for being a wonderful leader for your family & taking such good care of them.

I think that your plans for celebrating Scott's birthday on the 6th & Isabella Grace's Life on the 7th is a great idea. It isn't like you'll forget all the details of what happened on the 6th but it makes it so each person has a special day & on the 3 Kings day & perhaps the new tradition that you have come up with....it's beautiful & I'm sure God was glorified with your celebration of the prayer bowl & such.

I have a friend who had a similar thing happen to her. They were celebrating their anniversary & she felt that something just wasn't right & headed to the hospital to find there was no heartbeat. Their little girl Faith was delivered the following day & they choose to celebrate their anniversary & then celebrate Faith the following day. It has worked for them for the past 6 years.

I pray for your today to continue with God's love surrounding you like a nice cozy blanket, for you to feel His presence each & every day but especially today. I pray that your heart is filled with peace and you are able to celebrate Isabella's presence in your lives in a way that will glorify the King of Kings. I have a poem for you but I will have to find it & come back to share it with you. It helped me when I miscarried my little angel baby after only a short time of enjoying the life inside of me. Blessings to you Kerry & to your whole family.

Sweet Joni

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT! :) Praying your day was a very SPECIAL one for You & your family!

You are so blessed to have such wonderful ppl around you including the KING our God.
And Thank You for ALL you do for God's Children especially the Orphans! HALLELUJAH
Love Thru Jesus Our Savior,

Becca B

I remember last year being home and my mom coming home and telling me that your child had died before she was even born. I remember immediately sobbing and thinking about what Cole and Maya would think, and how excited we had all been for another addition to our ever-expanding family. I'm so glad you've taken such careful measures in deciding how to remember her. My favorite part of this blog entry though was when you wrote about when you were deciding if you should marry Scott. I had a flashback to the beach house, sitting on my mom's bed while you asked her advice on knowing that someone is the person you should marry. Then I remember Scott giving me piggy-back rides, and thinking how happy I was that you had decided to stay with him. Now I'm realizing I'm not much younger than you were then. Give my love to the kids and Scott...miss you all!

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