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January 18, 2009


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Wow... I needed that today (especially the part about believing what other people say ("I'm not mad at you") and not continuing to ask...). Thanks so much for sharing this - I've got a lot to mull over now!
God bless!


So good!!!

I sat here in my laundry room, wondering, fusser....hmmm, seems like Kerry and Scott are asking all the right questions...you mean sacrifice or self-control or....I never thought of SUFFER!!! God is so good to allow us all to learn from your precious Son, Cole!!!!

Thank you, Kerry, for sharing your Cole with us and thank Cole, too:)!! I must say, my mind and heart are still reeling over and over on the post about idolatry before this post. Here is what I was thinking. I, also tend to be a fixer, but, not always, more than likely not at all:( a peace maker. I think I can talk or fix other people's moods....notice, I'm getting into what your Mama calls the "I" category. If I would just rest in Jesus, and suffer in silence instead of prodding the other person, thinking I can help or have the answer. I'm thinking the real Peace would come into my home much quicker....into my life.

So, please tell Cole, thank you!


Wow! How precious was that!? This totally hit my heart and made so much sense. I will definitely be working on 'fussering' this next week, especially at work where people need my compassion and caring rather than my words and rightness!
Thanks Kerry!

Debbie from Ohio

What a revelation! Thank you for sharing the "fusser" story with us.....smart thinking for a little guy....God uses children too!


What a wonderful way to hear God speaking to you, through a six year old. How wonderful to have the reminder of what it is to have the faith like a child and their understanding. Thank you for sharing this life lesson from Cole.


You are so true - I would have never listened to my little one if they said the word correctly. Great insights!

Julie in CA

That reminds me of something my son Conner would say, what a powerful lesson. So glad God used Cole to speak to you.

Dawn Wilson

A friend sent me your "fusser" blog today and it touched my heart. I passed it along to a friend of mine, Arlene, who has a similar life. Amazing how one life touches another... and you have touched mine today. Blessings, Sister!


Oh, Cole! Thank you for teaching us about fussering! It is a lesson I so need to learn. You are brave and wise and so kind to share what you have learned! I believe you are one of the best teachers I have ever had! I pray blessings upon blessings upon your heart and head tonight, with some for your Mom, Dad and sister as well.

Joni in MN

:) {{{{Cole}}}} Such a dear child of God! Thank You for teaching us to be patient with one another :)

Kerry~ You have one Godly family! I'm so thankful you "share" them with us here in Blogland!
I was raised IN church but that's where it stayed... at church! Took years later to "practice/live" a Christian Life AT Home (outside the Church bldg). One thing I learned thru Joyce Meyers was, "It's how you live IN the privacy of your home..."
Your words today remind me of that :) Even though I live alone, I often have a friend here that can bring "Fussering" & I NEEDED to read this today!
Tomorrow (the 20th) I'll be having "Ulnar Nerve Transposition" Surgery (Elbow)... things could get a bit frustrating trying to accomplish... would you all please pray for my patience & "Suffering" :)
Thanks so much & May Your days be filled with Peace, Joy & Love,

Caroline Salehi

So wonderfully beautiful, and so very precious !!!

Thank you for sharing your blessing of 'fussering' for one another, with us. It has great potential to become a new word in our household!

God bless you!


Profound words from that little one, you are doing a very good job with him!

valerie (in TX)

wow. I pray my children will be so used of God and so sensitive to His Sprit as Cole is. Thank you for sharing, Kerry. I've definitely got some fussering I need to be doing in my own home!


I love the way he thinks! You are so blessed, Kerry. :)

I didn't know that Caleb and Julia were also there, so I am adding them to my prayer list for China by name now! :) I had lifted up Emily and Tanner, Tabby, and the rest of the gang. I didn't know their names. Now that I know Caleb and Julia are there; I will say their names too. :)

Patty Smith

Cole is such a wise young man! Thanks for sharing his words of wisdom.

And on another note, I've asked for prayer on here a few different times over the past couple months and we finally have our answer. Its been a long, crazy, faith building, God adventure and I'm overjoyed to say that we received approval to adopt an older girl who is going to age out from adoption in China this July. She is at Luoyang and we can't wait to meet her in a few months. Praise God for this long journey, its a very long crazy story and I know there were some people here praying for God's will in this situation and I'm so thankful for all the prayers. I am always in awe at how God works. Its truly amazing.

(I'll write the whole story out on my blog soon--after I get recovered from our vacation, if anyone is interested in reading it--it may be helpful to anyone struggling with adoption ups and downs.......)


WOW!!! speechless. I love when God uses his little children...LOVE IT! Amazes me to know end. You got one wise little boy there who hears the voice of God, and is watching his parents live a life loving Jesus!

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