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January 02, 2009


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Julie in CA

This scripture changed my life a few years back. I was saddled with the weight of insecurity. It actually was a generational sin that I saw my mom and gram struggle with. Through this scripture God healed me of that insecurity. Yes, it rears it's ugly head from time to time but I know the fix faster than before.

It actually not surprisingly reared it's head tonight. There is a lady at church that has been snubbing me each time I see her. We used to be closer friends but have distanced after choices she made. I know I have done nothing and it is her deal but still I want to worry over it. God orchestrated me reading this tonight and knowing it is in his hands.

Sweet Joni

Good Morning Kerry :)
I read this last night & went to sleep thinking about it. "When we retire at night, review our day, did we hurt or harm someone?"
Now, few hrs later... Re-read & grateful I did :)
This past wk I had a guest stay whom I've been ministering to & Praying for along time. He went home Thursday. I stayed up all night at PC trying to catch up (tired, COLD, in pain) crawled into bed Friday 0500 to watch Joyce Meyer Ministries. He TCT me 0512, as he does often EARLY mornings :) our time to talk :) ~ and this time He was In a Very Positive Mood.
After just telling him HOW I felt... he wanted a # not close by. I asked if he needed it NOW; "Well Yea I don't know when you'll be getting up." So... I got up & got #, gave to him. AND my fleshly (SELFISH POUR ME kicked in)... Yes, he hung up on me! ALL day I called him back concerned with damage I may have caused but No answer.

RUDE? Very! SELFISH? Very! UN-GOD LIKE? Yeppirs! How quickly the "Flesh" takes over! It is not like me to blow that quick.

After a cpl more hrs of sleep, HIS day 'started over' & HE had SOBER fun with friends all day!!! Hallelujah! Boy, did God teach me! LOL

So Kerry, THANK YOU, for sharing this post!!! I needed it Today :) as I make my Gratitude Thank God List :)

Debbie from Ohio

Happy New Year! I do believe that I have grown spiritually in 2008. I desire to go to another level of spiritual growth in 2009. I desire to be a vessel that is willing to be used by Him. I want to be pleasing to God Almighty!

jolynn van wienen

just wanted to let you know that you've been on my heart so much these last few weeks. i know that your '1st year' is about to end and that the weeks leading up to it (at least for me) were the hardest. please know that you've not been far from my thoughts and prayers. hoping that you feel those of mine and many others praying you through....
jolynn van wienen
hudsonville, mi

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