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January 17, 2009


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wow-I think you wrote this one just for me! Many thanks, my friend. Jennador


Thank you Kerry. I've been struggling with a close, close friend (just like family - like the friend you were describing) who cut me off - it's been a over a year now. God has taught me so many things through it. So many things. So I'm thankful for His mercy to teach me what I need to learn, but yet it hurts (and the last couple of days it has been really heavy on my heart). Your blog has been one of the things God has been using to help me. You have mentioned hurts like this in your life in the past, but the timing of this post fits into exactly where my heart is at.

"A friend loves at all times." God is calling me to be a friend to someone who clearly doesn't want to be mine.... to love and forgive and keep her before the Lord in prayer as I continue to be wounded by her what feels like cruel silence. And to wait for Him to work in her heart even if that means waiting until heaven. All will be restored then and she will be my friend again. This is just temporary.

And I do see so much of my own sin in what He has shown me through it. Unfortunately, it makes me afraid of man. Afraid to love because I don't do it right. Oh how I need Christ's love in me and to lose myself in Him.

Joni in MN

Joyce Meyer once said, "Do you live to please God or Man?" Pretty simply stated question that I try to practice each & every day. I'm here to please God. :)

Beth H.

Ouch...message delivered! Thank you! One of my favorite preachers, Tim Keller, says 'our hearts are idol-making machines'...just when we turn from one idol...we are tempted by another. Thank you for the reminder to always place our hope in Christ ALONE.

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