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February 15, 2009


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Julie in CA

I watched it and was so amazed. God is amazing and he was glorified. You can feel the holy spirit through their words.

I was talking to my friend at church today. Her daughter died a year ago yesterday. It is amazing to see God glorified through her family. I can see how God carries the brokenhearted.

Julie in CA

I just saw your El Salvador pics. What beautiful babies. I would have a hard time leaving them. Praying for them.


Just caught the interview...again, tonight!! The love that Mary Beth and Steven have for God, eachother and their precious children is tangible through the screen. You can just see and really feel the Love holding this family together.

Dani R.

I watched it online and just was amazed. God is so good. Mary Beth did amazing. I just wish I could take all her pain. I wish she didn't have to hurt so much. It breaks my heart. Still praying and thankful I was reminded to.

Love, Dani

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