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February 11, 2009


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Debbie from Ohio

I will agree with you on your prayer that God will be the comforter and sustainer of all of the children you met on this trip! Bless you all and God's hedge of protection around all of you.


I can only, Kerry, once again thank you for generously sharing your journey with all of us. I thank you because my heart aches for the orphan, only after being opened by our journey's to our three youngest daughters. I was clueless to international adoption....cluless!!! Until God took our hands and walked us there...China that is.

I understand the peace that came upon you in knowing that God is powerful in all things...for all His timing and reasons. I know because my daughter Jadyn languished in an orphanage for three years, an orphanage that was literally closed to international/domestic adoptions. She was extremely ill, God knew her, she needed immediate surgery, God knew this, He chose just the right people to fulfill His journey with my daughter....after three years in an internationally closed orphanage...she was found, surgery received, sent back to the deplorable conditions, not acceptable to God:) and was moved to an orphanage that was open to international adoption.....she is now at kindergarten, thriving and loving her family and life...that is really quick summary to a beautiful little girl, my 7 year old daughter, Jadyn(which translates in Hebrew to God Has Heard) So many, MANY, MANY people prayed for her.....God truly does see and hear!!!

We don't see the bigger picture, I sometimes know this is painful, and yet, I think if we saw the bigger picture....we might say, Oh, Lord...don't ask me to do this...I just can't, BUT...as we all know in Christ all things are possible.

Thanks for loving the precious babies and children and welcome home!!!


God Bless You for your obedience to God's leading for this trip!

It is so sad hearing about all these kids not being able to be adopted even within their country. We need to pray for the hearts of these people - that they would want these children to be loved in "forever" families. God can change their hearts.

My husband & I are childless and while we would love to have a child of our own, we are very much open to adoption. We would love to adopt girls from China knowing how they are unwanted in their country. I've only just begun checking into adoption. It seems that it is overwhelmingly expensive for international adoptions - which is something I don't quite understand. While I know about paperwork & legalities of things, we want to help the children of their country and yet the cost seems astronomical. It almost seems like countries take advantage of the situation - is this wrong thinking or is the costs truly that much? The post above from Diane mentions being clueless about international adoptions. What is the most significant information to know for international adoptions?? Can you advise on this?

I really do appreciate your openness with your emotions. I am so sorry for your losses with your babies. I am sure holding the baby with the black curly hair was difficult to do. I am understanding how God uses our hurts to help others. I am sure that little baby so needed your special love that day. And from what I have heard in miracles happening, God may even put that same little girl back in your arms someday. HE's so amazing with surprises like that! (I have heard of some awesome adoption stories!)
Again, thank you Kerry, for this blog - it blesses me more than you know. There's a realness in you that is so lacking in this world. (I know it's a fallen world but, even Christians we know put on a fasod (sp.) which I don't believe God wants.)
Thank you.

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