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February 09, 2009


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Sweet Joni

I was blocked from posting for awhile so I hope this works... if not well that's life :)
May God shine His light thru you giving HOPE to these children & those involved and may He give you much Strength both Emotional & Physical to carry out His works!!!



Good morning:) Thank you for including us along on your journey!!! Again sitting here in tears, feeling so hopeless and inadequate on this side of the screen....you all were such Hope and Light to those in the despairing orphanage. You saw the despair and begin to walk those waiting there into Love and Light!!! What amazing work and gifts of love and strength you will be bringing to those sweet children, who deserve to be loved and cared for!!!

I pray of for you all. I know that even on this side of the screen I can and will be doing that. God already knows what you all need, He sees it and has seen it all way before you guys. So, I praise in my prayer for you all. I thank God for being God. For being right beside you all. Holding you and His sweet orphaned child and ill child up when you and they can not.

Praying also for your family at home. As a Mama of five...Kerry, please do not worry about Maya stepping backwards, just means she is waiting for you to come home to enjoy her successes!!! She is waiting upon you to cheer her on. AND, she will be right back on track in no time!!! Rest in the fact that you are exactly where God would have you be!!

Thank you for the JOY of praying alongside you all!!! God's Blessing shower you all today!


Me again:)

Just wanted to thank you so much for your posts. So often many go on these mission trips or journey's and we learn so much of how we can support those on the journey as well as those who are being ministered to through you being the Hands and Feet of Jesus.

So, thank you for sharing so consistently, Kerry, it does give us a real mirror into your day with those who are most in need.

Sorry about the anonymous posts...it's just me:) and I'm not sure why...but, just me!! Thanks for bloggin'....keep it up!!!!

Debbie from Ohio

Sounds like you've all had some heart wrenching experiences as well as hopeful ones. Praying that a difference can be made in the one facility where it seems the children are just getting by day by day...God comfort and wrap His loving arms around them is my prayer....

Dani R.

HI! My name is Dani and I somehow came across your site! I remembered your last name and came here and realized the connection with SCC. I love the Chapman family! :) Anyway..I have a huge heart for orphans and am so glad that I found your blog. I will keeping up to date with it. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of what God is doing through you over there. It's a blessing. Anyway...

Love to ya,


Thanks for sharing! I'll keep praying!

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