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February 14, 2009


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Joni in MN

Welcome Home Kerry! :-) Sounds like Cole had FUN :-D That's so kewl Maya is keeping up with the potty training... Although it's tough ;-) seeing our 'babies' grow up it sure will make life 'simplier' for You, Scott & Maya once Achieved!!!

Question: looked up "Obi" & learned it means SASH (a tie) that is worn... What am I missing in this BRIGHT child's meaning? :-)

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day!

cindi m.

Happy Valentine's Day, Kerry, to you and your precious family.

Love from NC.

Julie in CA

Praise God for a wonderful trip and return home. What a heartbreaking picture you have painted. Praying for the orphans in El Salvador.


Is it possible to laugh and cry at the same time, well, maybe in the same post!!!

Your son, Cole, just always makes me smile or laugh with his sweet honesty, and, I could just hear Maya singin' her Mama blues song...but, then I continued to read about the precious Treasured orphans. How they would love to be held and loved. I understand how your heart ached for them as mine aches along with yours for the orphan. My daughter who came home at the age of four can never...NEVER...have enough physical contact. She loves to hug, and give hugs, kiss and receive kisses..snuggle...hold hands..you name it and she is right there:)!! I believe she wanted to receive that love from day one as does each and every infant...but, due to being confined to an orphanage and limited caregivers she did not receive the physical contact we all cry out for. I thank you for your time loving on the babies and older children while you were with them, Kerry.

AND....yippy, Maya!!! So, happy to read about her successes with the potty;)

Thanks again, Kerry, for always sharing your heart!


Thank you Kerri for giving those precious children a voice for many to hear. The way one's heart can completely break, but at the same time overflow in overwhelming, unconditional love for these orphans is straight from God. I still have those thoughts of "who is going to hold them, comfort them, and love them after I have left?". All I can believe is that God is standing over every single crib and bed loving them like only he can.
Thank you for going. I know this was so very hard for you. Thank you for answering His call.

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