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March 10, 2009


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cindi m.

Thursday's hug:



I have ached, cried, writhed, hoped, and pleaded from the very valley you find yourself in today. I know the depths of your sorrow. I am so, SO sorry for both of you. Praise to the Giver and Taker, who so engulfs our spirits that we can still find the strength and faith to bless His Holy name in these seemingly insurmountable hours of darkness and grief. Your testament to His holiness and goodness glorifies His magnificent love and compassion for all of us. Multiple prayers going up for you and Scott today and for many days to come.


Will be praying for you as you heal -


Hi Kerry,

Just wanted you to know, that already many times this morning you and your precious family have come to my heart. Prayers have been said and will continue.

You have always beens such an encouragement in my day and life, you probably did not know this:), as you don't even know me, but, your words have spoken to my heart and Soul many days, so, I just leave here hoping to let you know that you are loved. I know days are going to be so super painful and hard, and, we will be right alongside you lifting your name up to our Father who already knew we were gonna cry out to Him before we did.

Terri Garnsey

I am praying for you. I have walked a very similar path and I am so sorry you are taking this journey again.

Tricia W.

Dear Kerry and Scott - I am so sorry to hear your devastating news. Please know that Mark and I will pray for you. We mourn with you. Tricia


Dear Kerry. I have been reading this blog for about a year now, and I almost feel that I know you I am terribly sorry for you, Scott and your children. There are no words that will help except to say that I am sorry and I will be praying for you and your family.

Jessica in Macomb, mi

You are loved and prayed for and best of all, held by the arms of the One who is with you, knows you and holds you close during this extremely difficult time. Praying for you!

P.S. I, out here in blog land, would still love to "listen", you can blog even when you don't feel so great or when you're in the middle of God writing that testimony in your lives....so if you need to vent, mourn, cry or express your feelings, please do so with your blog. We all understand. Perhaps as Christians, it's in those darkest of times and sharing of those - like you so willingly do - that we are able together to see the stars of God's promises and love - in the midst of the darkness.

Linda Lazenby

I am so sorry. What a Savior we have to prepare our hearts for these times. I to had a dream weeks before our sweet granddaughter went home to Jesus on the day she was born. It's so hard to understand but the trust we have in God and His promises get us through. I truly believe God has something so special for these babies to do in His Kingdom. You are in my prayers.
Linda Lazenby

cindi m.

For Friday:



You are not alone in this earthly journey, especially now. Lean on God and those around you.

Keri Hurley

I am so sorry for your loss. Thank-you
for telling us. We are to "bear one anothers
burden's". You are all in my prayers..


Rachel Murphy

I have read your blog for months as an encouragement. Before my daughter Hope was born, I lost two children to miscarriage in 2005. After Hope, I thought we were past those tough times. In December I found out I was pregnant with twins! My husband and I rejoiced--we weren't even trying! But in February we found out that baby A had died around 14 weeks, and last week we learned that baby B died as well. Last Wednesday, labor was induced and I gave birth to my babies on March 12. This has broken my spirit, truly. I can't help but feel somehow connected to you in mourning. Please know that I am crying and praying for you just as I am praying for God's guidance and wisdom in my sorrow. I know that your faith is much stronger than mine, because you write things that are so enlightened and true, and I wonder why I can't see things the way you do, and can't find peace in this situation. I am so broken right now--I can't find a way out of this darkness and I pray that God will somehow pull me out by His grace. If you read these comments, please pray for me. I need others' prayers so badly because my prayers seem so insufficient and weak. My heart breaks for your family, but I am encouraged by your hope. Maybe one day I can find that as well.

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