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March 25, 2009


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Joni in MN

Oh {{{{KERRY}}}} PRAISE JESUS! You've no clue what light shines THRU you! AND I'm not sure I can even put it into words...

I'll say this, one thing I've learned by reading YOUR blog is... 'sit still & listen' <---not your quote for the blog I'm thinking but similar :D

THANK YOU so much for being YOU!!!
THANK YOU GOD for giving Kerry the ability to write your words & sharing again the poem posted by Stacie!!!

Joni in MN

just one more thing... the photos of siblings on beach today is ... "HOLY"...
As you've 'heard' me say before, my brother, Steven, was my BEST buddy that went to Heaven 06.01.1978





I love reading your blog. The words God gives you is amazing! Thank you!

I'm so honored that you stopped by my blog (Welcome to Hecknville). I hope you read it again. I'm so blessed because of Jesus! His hand is truly on my life.

I just wanted to say Thank you! And keep up the great blog!

Claudine T in MD


During the first few years of my marriage, when I thought we'd be starting a family right away, God had different plans. At one point I thought I was pregnant. I had received a phone call from my sister on a Sunday morning saying she just gave birth to her second son. During church that day, I got my period, spent forever sobbing at the altar, praying that I, too, would be given this gift.

During the weeks that followed, a song (with similar words to the poem you mentioned) really spoke to me. "This Thorn" by Twila Paris became my prayer to the Lord way back in 1993. Exactly one year later (almost to the day - my nephew was born 7/11/93) on 7/10/94, my first son was born.

I believe the Lord used that time for me to get to where you've been talking about -- God as first in your heart. It IS a good thing to desire children, something placed in a woman's heart by God BUT, as you said so beautifully, even those GOOD things can become not the BEST things, if they take priority over our desire to know GOD, to love HIM, to adore HIM, and to ENTER HIS GATES WITH THANKSGIVING (yes, PRAISE is the key -- think of the tabernacle -- we only get into the outer courts w/ praise -- if we're not praising we can't even begin to get to the Holy of Holies).

I'm so grateful for the work the Lord is doing in you and in your family. "Be still (cease striving) and KNOW that HE IS GOD and He [alone] will be exalted among the nations."

Blessings of Shalom (wholeness, completeness, and peace) upon you and your family.

Praying the Lord, in HIS way, will give you both "blessings of the womb and blessings of the breast." Whether that means in the physical or in the spiritual -- may you be A MOTHER TO MANY.

Debbie from Ohio

Kudos to Stacie for that uplifting poem for you! God bless


I've gotten behind on my blog reading lately and I was so sad to come here and find that you have experienced such profound loss again. Your words are so comforting to me, but I wish you hadn't gained this wisdom through such hard times.

I'm 17 weeks pregnant (a huge surprise after trying 7 years and waiting for adoptions to work out for the last 3 years). We've recently found out that I've been exposed to a virus that could cause serious problems. It may not, but I'm very scared.

I feel bad that when people tell me to just have faith and pray about it and it will all turn out fine, it really annoys me. I do have great faith and I know God loves me and this child, but that doesn't mean he will "fix" it all and I'll get the happy ending I desire so badly. I've watched many faithful, praying people suffer terrible loss. I don't know what to say to people without it seeming like I don't believe God can do it. I do believe he CAN, I just don't know if he WILL. I love him and trust him either way, but I'm still scared.

Just needed to share that with someone who understands. I so wish you couldn't relate to this at all. Praying for peace for you and your family. Thank you for your honesty. It has given me much to think about today.

Kerry Hasenbalg


I have actually been thinking a great deal about the idea of "having enough faith." Through these last few trials, I have realized that it is not about mustering enough faith in the hope that God will change the circumstances to turn out the way I am praying. Rather, it is about putting our faith in a God who can, if He chooses to, change the circumstances. Did I have enough faith - a strong enough believe that God can heal my babies? YES -I did. Do I now? Yes, I do. He can - He surely can. Whether or not He will is another story. Did it reveal I have weak faith that He didn't? No! Job's faith was not weak and He lost 7 children. But God restored Him and His family, in HIs time.
Regarding the fact that you are currently with child after waiting to so long...both for biological and adoption children.. Congratulations! I just prayed that God will protect your baby....and I will continue to do so as the Lord reminds me. Why pray, because it is good and right and powerful to pray for the things we hope. The power is in God and I have perfect faith that He will do what is necessary for me and for all who seek Him. And that when things don't turn out as our hearts hope, I know by experience that He will still be there with His own in the valley, empowering, healing, and restoring by His grace.

So, we make our requests before God and then we just trust God to act as He sees best. May He cover you and your little one and act according to His tender mercy. Thanks for sharing. Kerry

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