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March 19, 2009


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cindi m.

Hey Sis,

I'm reminded of the days when it's raining, but the sun is shining at the same time. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you notice, because it feels different....



Tell ((((((((((Scott)))))))))) we're hugging him, too.


Kerry, Scott, Cole and Maya,

Words written here, could never share my hearts emotions and love for your family and what you are walking through. Yet, I praise God. I thank Him for you all. I praise Him for allowing you to all be together through this part of your journey to Him.

Prayers continue...


Praying for you


Hey there Kerry,
Continuing to pray for you, lifting you up as you continue to grieve this little life. I am so sorry and I will keep praying,just as you have done so for me so many times already.

Thank you for your honesty and genuineness.



Praying for both you and Scott.

Tricia W.

Dear Kerry - as i went on my (almost) daily prayer walk between 6 and 6:30 AM, you and Scott came very clearly to mind and immediately to prayers. Thank you for sharing. We will continue to pray for you, Scott and your precious Cole and Maya. Hugs from here, Tricia


You are one of several 'friends in Christ' of mine who have lost children just this last week.

I picture their little feet padding the streets of gold, praising their Heavenly Father, giggly awaiting the glorious reunion that will take place in a blink of their Heavenly eyes.

This comforts me, but they were not my losses. I can only pray that these hopes, the greatest promise we have, will comfort you & Scott. God will provide what you need, and I so admire you for gracefully allowing Him to do it His way.

With love & prayers...

Kim in Seattle

Dear Kerry,

Oh how I remember that pain, and wholely agree that the advil absolutely doesn't cut it. I agree as well that it is a blessing to have it happen before the little ones were awake, and that your husband was there to support you through it.

We will be keeping you in our prayers, and thanks for sharing. I appreciate you letting us into your journey through this process. I'm always sad at how Christians often close themselves off at the times when they need the support the most.

Hugs, love and prayers,


Praying for you all.



Praying for you in your fiery trial! Would you please pray for my sister's family, her husband is in the last hours in his fight against brain cancer. So hard for everyone.

jenna spears

I want to add that motrin, advil, and anyother over the counter pills do not touch the pain of miscarrying a baby. I didn't ask for an epidural when I delievered Carter at 22 weeks but I was in the tub hoping the heat would help me out a little bit thinking "where is the epidural man when I need him." The prayers of my husband got me through it for sure! I love that! I am so glad that this time is over for you. The waiting is such a trial as well. Then add the pain on top of that as well as the loss and it is a big burden to bear!

I will continue to pray for you and Scott. God is so good and His grace is sufficent. I don't know why, but I know Him and that is brings me so much comfort! Much love to you my special friend!


Praying for each of you.

Debbie from Ohio

I am glad God helped you through this difficult couple of hours this morning. He's an ever present help in the time of trouble! I think He brought Maya in at the right time and her precious little mind and heart sensed that prayer was needed at that time. You are a blessed family! Strength to Scott as he takes care of all the business he has to attend to, and strength to you also, to be able to take one day at a time and bask in the glory of the Father. As I'm typing this, I have music on my TV...guess who's singing??? Steven Curtis Chapman! He's singing, "Miracle of the Moment." God bless!


Praying for you and trusting the Lord to continue to be close to you, comforting, strengthening and holding you during this difficult time!

barbara rainey

i'm so sorry about this baby and your loss and have prayed for you as Rebecca told me about it's death last week.

jenna spears

Yes, I was very sore for a just a few days. I also labor in my back, so I pulled a muscle in my back and was unable to walk for about 8 days. Now I feel great though. I will be thinking of you the next few days for sure. I am a on the go person all of the time. I found the best thing I could do was take it easy for a week and just lay around relaxing (taking baths and just being easy to myself) and that helped me get better faster. Plus that is what my midwife suggested for me to do. So take it easy my friend.



Hi, Kerry,

I've been encouraged so often by the way in which your heart - one actively after His - is on display here even when the picture is not one that is easy to look upon. I've had the occasion to experience the "just enough" grace as well, and it is as amazing to me as the overwhelming-I'm-totally-taking-over kind that God gives us in its time. There is something awe-inspiring about feeling His perfectly restrained power, if that makes sense, as well. I know you are still in the valley and I will keep praying for you and Scott, too. I love that line in the hymn that says He took our sins AND our sorrow and made them His very own. . .

Keri Hurley

Dear Kerry,

Thankyou for sharing with us who have
been praying for you. My prayers are still
with you and your family.Jesus loves you
and so do your sisters in the Lord!

Matt and Rebecca Townsend

Praying for you and Scott and the touring season heats up again.
Hope to see y'all at one of the stops!


I will continue to pray for you! And Scott as well! My husband has the same thing happen with work - when needed at home w/ trials or getting ready to leave on vacation - work gets super super busy. I think the devil loves to work overtime....
Kerry, your devotions are always so uplifting even through your trials - I know that must sound weird to say but, you are so real and open about your feelings - it's refreshing as so many hide behind what their feeling - so many fasads. I have been away for a few days and to read all your posts - is amazing. Thanks for sharing, Kerry. I hope you are able to get plenty of rest and can recouperate as needed.
P.S. Have you ever considered writing a devotional book? Seriously. Your words just flow and keep my attention - and I bet I am not the only one who feels this way!
God Bless You, Kerry!

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