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April 02, 2009


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cindi m.

That's what 64 looks like? They're gorgeous!!!

The song "Fingerprints of God" struck a chord for me years ago when my daughter was around 12. But when I recently listened to it, I realized it can apply to ANY age group. ("...and God's not through; in fact, He's just getting started...")

Happy Birthday Nana Marks and Sis!! You two have received a double blessing for sure. Christ's light on the inside is certainly radiating from inside to out.

Joni Young

Happy Birthday to two beautiful sisters!! You glorify the Lord with your beauty inside and out! Love you Gerry xo


Woo hoo!! Happy birthday pretty ladies! Hope you got banana splits too...


Mama Gerry(feel as if somehow I know you) and Aunt Georgia:) Happy birthday to both of you. May you birthday be complete with Joy!!!

May God's Blessing abound in both of your lives.

Carla Craig

Wishing you both a blessed birthday. You are very beautiful! Gerry, I thank God for Kerry, she has been (still is) such a blessing in my life. Your faithfulness to God shines through her! Happy Birthday!

jenna spears

Thank you for your sweet comments! Thank you for your prayers too. Something extra you can pray about is for us and all the extra bills we have because of Carter. My counseling practice is getting slower and slower and Brent and I are both praying about what opportunities God has for me in order to help us stay afloat in this economy. Thanks friend! Love you and praying for you.

Patty Smith

Oh look how beautiful your mom and aunt are! And what a bigger blessing to have them in your life following the Lord, to have a mom and an aunt who pray for you! Happy Birthday and many blessings to these beautiful sisters!!

May G

Happy Birthday to two wonderful Ladies!!!


You're gorgeous Mrs. Marks and Aunt Georgie!
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!! xoxoxo jen ryan sarff

Wendy Cosby

If you share a birthday, do you get to split the years too? It looks like you do! Happy Birthday to you both! I hope to see you soon Mrs. Marks! Much love, Wendy

Joni in MN

A very Happy 64th Birthday Ladies :)
May God Keep Blessing You with many more Awesome Beautiful Years Ahead & may this day (your special day) be one Relaxing & Enjoyful one :)


Happy Belated Birthday to you two! Hope you enjoyed your day!

Are you in Palm Desert, California?


Hello, my friend!

Love and birthday wishes coming to Mrs. Marks and Aunt Georgie!!! xo

Debbie from Ohio

Happy Birthday, Gerry and Georgie! Many more to come!


Happy Birthday! May you have many more blessed years of loving and serving!

Tricia W.

Happy belated birthday to two beautiful women.

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