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April 27, 2009


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Oh Kerry,~ beautifully put into words. What you write here speaks so deeply to me and is comforting. Extreme opposite ends of the spectrum with emotions, describes my life perfectly right now and for the last 2 months. So much keeps happening. Such great joy and praise to God and excitement, and then also such devastation, disruption, and saddness. I had chill bumps all over when I read this. Praise God that while he is the creator of time, he is not confined by it! Thank you again for your thoughts and sharing your heart.
Sarah in Idaho


Good morning, Kerry,

I hope you are home this morning, wrapped in all your family's love.

I am particularly touched by your words, and stand in saddness with you for your sorrows and rejoice with you in your happiness. I thank God for the Body of Christ He has given to all of us. It is JOY to stand with you and all in Jesus' Love.

Peace be with you, Kerry.

cindi m.

Hey Kerry,

I remember a teacher at my kid's elem. school years ago saying when she came back from family leave after burying her Mom, "I'm doing ok until I see (random)people laughing or eating ice cream or just going about their merry way and I think, Don't they know what happened? Don't they know my Mother's dead? The world just can't go on like it was before last Thursday.How can they go on like nothing's changed?"

Because her world had changed drastically and suddenly, she thought everyone else's had been affected, too.

Many times we are reminded of the 2 ends of the spectrum. I can be down & out riding down the road & see a pink or blue ribbon on a mailbox & my perspective changes. (the cycle of life) Likewise, I can be driving down the road having a 4-star day and pull over to let a funeral procession pass, & I am solemned. (Not bad or depressed; just reflective)

These really are the "times" of our lives.

Good to hear from you. You are appreciated.

Love from NC.

Marianne Gross

I agree, AMEN!!

Debbie from Ohio

That's a plate full of information that you were dished up in one conversation. Sorry you've had to bear all of that, but glad that you know the One to turn to in times like these. It was nice to see you blog again and I usually figure something is keeping you busy when you don't, and everyone should understand that. God bless!


Sweet words, Kerry. Longing for heaven this day, when we'll all be healed and restored!!

Tricia W.

Times of silence are good. We all need to pull away from things to mourn, rejoice and just be with Him.


Wow, this is an incredible insight. Thank you for uncovering this truth that makes it a bit easier to live with the tension of so many different "times" at once. What you described is something I have been feeling as of late, but you helped give it words and Biblical truth. So thank you!

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