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April 05, 2009


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thanks for sharing kerry! i have tickets for the concert in michigan in a few weeks, and can't wait. thank you & have a blessed day!


Man, I SO wish the United Tour was coming to Houston!! But I signed up to volunteer at Women of Faith in November so... I get free tickets! So I'll see SCC there.


Isn't it just so wonderful to go and worship in a concert setting?! I have been to a MWS concert when I was in high school and then went to SCC's in Portland, Or. in late 2007 after we had been in China that summer. It was so great. Between artist at SCC's concert everyone was milling around. I looked up at the stage and there was David Trask! He noticed me to and yelled out my name. Oh I love that man! What a testimony and love for God he has, and orphans! It was great to get to visit after the concert. I took my brother with me and we danced and jumped up and down and sang out hearts out. Gives ya a little taste of what it will be like to sing with everyone in heaven. So glad you had a wonderful moment of worship!
Still praying for you and your family!
Sarah in Idaho

Patty Smith

Oh I'm so SO excited to see this!!! I pray lots more will join in and begin sponsoring kids. People, it seriously is LIFE CHANGING for these children. Such a small amount for us can change the world for these kids. I cannot emphasis that enough. I dare you to pray and ask God what HE wants you to do!

Can't wait to see SCC at WOF in Spokane!!

Debbie from Ohio

Went to the concert in Cleveland, Ohio and yes, God surely was glorified, it was so awesome!

jenna spears

Please let me know if you come near Atlanta to one of the concerts. I want to come and have a meal with you and just hug your neck! God brought you to my heart many times this weekend. Hope your day is wonderful my friend.

Tricia W.

Dear Kerry - I remember when we were waiting to adopt our first daughter, a widow friend said to me, "this is going to change your life more than it will change her life". I totally did not get that - I totally get that now. I can't even begin to express the way that God has broken into my heart and radically changed so many things that needed changing in this dark heart. I am so very grateful that He called us to this. My prayer for several years before that call was "God please let me see and know your heart". His heart is with orphans, abused children and all of the least. I am grateful for the tiny piece He has entrusted to me.


this is a great post-very true. i loved being there with you and everyone. love and miss you <3


I am now very sad we didn't get tickets to see the show on Friday. We already had plans that we could not get out of. I miss going to concerts and worshipping.


My aunt went to the concert this past Sunday night, she said it was amazing!!How sweet it must be to get the extra time w/your hubby & take in such a cool worship event at the same time!!
Take care!


Sister Kerry (without Scotty you WOULD HAVE to be a nun;)
AMEN! this MWS/SCC/GM show was such a worshipful night and with the combined artistic talent of these 3 powerhouses--WOW--we were so alive in Christ from the experience for days! That these 3 men have also been called to minister to his orphans in such far-reaching and real ways just blew my fam away! We were overwhelmed with the desire to be Show Hope sponsors, and we are praying that many thousands will be as well. Your sweet husband is a gift to those men from the Lord, and I pray he is loved on and cared for by the body while he is away from you and that he returns home safely and soon. God is moving in this tour-eh?

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