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May 04, 2009


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Debbie from Ohio

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! It is truly amazing this world we live in and all it's wonders. I'm amazed by each flower how different they are and just wonder when looking at them, how people can say there is no God. The place He is preparing for us has to be even more splendorous! Yesterday I felt like I just wanted God to take me on to that heavenly home to be released from these eartly sufferings that seemed to be so overwhelming. But, I kept thinking, "joy comes in the morning, it will look better in the morning." Even though it does look a little better this morning, that underlying stress is still there. I have this smooth stone in my kitchen window that someone gave me, on it is written, "TURN IT OVER." And when you "TURN IT OVER," the other side says, "TURN IT OVER." So, I try to remember there are things I just can't handle on my own and can't control so I need to "TURN IT OVER!" Thank you for you blog and the beauty you've shown us in those pictures and remember we serve a GREAT BIG GOD that has it all under control.


Beautiful words, Kerry. So easy to read, so easy to understand, I'm sitting here shaking my head...yes, yes, she is so right. Such a great post!!!

I actually was just watching a YouTube on how the technology of this world has continued to evolve and expand our lives...how incredible that you can type out your thoughts somewhere in your comfort zone...and, that I can read and be encouraged by your thoughts here in my little old laundry room!!! God...only God could line so many amazing moments up for all of us to enjoy....even the pain eventually leads us straight to Him...when I was younger I could not fully comprehend death, still really can't and yet, I just know that if we are so ever amazed here in this world just imagine...if you can....how much God has prepared for those who love Him!!! WOW!!

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