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May 06, 2009


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Praying for both needs, as I also pray for the wedding and the Chapman's this month.

Beckie :)

I will be praying for you as I am sure you will be spending a lot of time with Steven and MaryBeth Chapman this week as the one year anniversary approaches. :/

Speaking of children my husband and I have been trying for 2 years and I am on my second round of Clomid and hoping it works. . .

And I have been praying fervently for a friend of a friend, Jess. Her husband, a pastor, of 6 years has been cheating on her for 4 years. They have 3 kids 4.5, 2.5 and 2 months. She left him and moved home with her parents and it's just been difficult in general being a single mom.


Just said a prayer for Rebecca, Jake, Beckie and Jess. The Chapmans are daily in my prayers, especially this tough month of May. After I read today's post I had to reread your post before. As the scripture says about sharing joy and sharing sorrow, I needed to remember that with the ugly parts of our world there are also so many beautiful ones that we get to glimpse!

If you would pray for little Joe, I would appreciate it. He is a first grader in my son's class at school. He has an immune deficiency problem that they have not yet been able to pin down. His last resort for treatment will be a very risky transplant; we are praying that his doctors be given wisdom from Our Father to figure out where the problem stems from, and appropriate treatments for this beautiful young soul. Thank you for your prayers. travel safe! Ann from Chicagoland


Just one of those mornings, here, Kerry. I just came to your blog from Mary Beth Chapman's blog. Have you been there recently? Have you "SEEn"? Sweet Maria left such a precious gift, through the Grace of God, for her amazing family. She has left them a tangible way to "SEE" she is Home and Happy. Yet, I read Mary Beth's latest post and just wept. AND while weeping over my computer keyboard:-( I realized that while I was still so very sad and feeling so helpless in really comforting the Chapman family....I was already praying to God to meet them in there day with comfort and Peace....only He can truly comfort all in the ways we can not.

As I read your post this a.m....tears again...for a young couple I don't even know....again, prayed for Rebecca and Jake...your friends.

I am now moved to a Peace myself...because in "it all", whatever, that looks like, daily for us all, I am learning it is not about our happiness or sadness...it's about our fullness and complete strength in God...He does, indeed, make all things new!!!

God's Peace fill you completely, Kerry as you journey to a weekend jam packed with Jesus presence.

Marci J, from Chicago

Please pray for a friend of mine who continues to be childless due to infertility issues. She longs so much to be a mother and to have a child in her womb...my heart aches for her as I see her hurt and confusion as this dream has not become reality yet. She is also still grieving the loss of her mother, which will make this Mother's Day weekend emotionally difficult...as we are surrounded by messages of motherhood lately...as she is reminded of both of her "losses". I pray for all of my Sisters in Christ who will have a bittersweet Mother's Day.


Kerry, I will be remembering Rebecca in prayer along with you and your family and the Chapman's. I miscarried my first child whom I look forward to meeting in heaven. I have 4 children, one having mild cerebral palsy. I have felt those Mother heartaches and ache along with others. We hope for another child and it is difficult when months pass by and no news occurs. We have also been praying about adoption. I don't want to get too caught up in it all and not enjoy the 4 precious children with me. Anyhow, that is my thoughts. Happy Mother's Day Kerry and all the Mom's reading. The Lord knows the stories in each of our mother hearts.


You still minister to me in my grief, Kerry! My heart aches for Rebecca and Jake and I will pray hard for them in this sad time. Today is 7 weeks since I delivered my miscarried twins, and with Mother's Day around the corner it is so hard! I have 4 babies in Heaven, and I so long to meet them! But God in his abundant mercy, gave me one child here on earth and I try to stay focused on her. I still pray for you and Scott, that God will bless you with more children in whichever way He sees fit, whichever way glorifies Him. I think He is pointing my husband and I down the path of adoption, and I'm just desperate to discern His plan for our family. But to all of the moms out there with children in Heaven, I mourn with you this Mother's Day. We are still sad, but "He is a Good God," as one lovely woman at my church reminds me every Sunday, and He will bless us, because we are "those who mourn." God Bless you all.

Debbie from Ohio

How heavy their hearts must be. May they feel our heavenly Father's embracing arms around them during and past this time. Prayers for you and them......Thoughts of Steven & MaryBeth and the rest of the family also as Maria's birthday approaches and also the anniversary of her death, and also may they enjoy the happy time of Caleb and Julia's wedding......God bless


Came back to your blog this p.m. with a prayer request. After spending the a.m. preparing for Mother's day weekend, I was reminded of Mom's whose hearts ache for their precious children in a different way then some have mentioned. Could you, Kerry, pray for birth-Mom's world wide? Please? I am a Mama to five children, my 3 youngest daughters all born and adopted in China. We, as a family, pray nightly for "birth-parents and God-parents" it just happened one evening...and, we've continued this prayer since then....Birth-Mom's suffer much, and to know they are wrapped in prayer would make my heart, as well as my daughters hearts, happy!!

Thank you, Kerry, and, possibly others who might lift the Birth-Moms out there that our Father in Heaven knows by name.

Marianne Gross

Praying for all of the hurting moms today... that He might renew their hearts and their strength as they look upon His glory and grace.

I hope you've received the drawing I sent to you by now... if you still haven't received it by tomorrow, please let me know and I will try to track it down : )

jenna spears

Oh Kerry, I can barely type because of the tears in my eyes. I am overwhelmed with grief and feel right back in that place of sorrow for Rebecca and her family. Your friendship and prayers mean so much to me and I know they must mean the same to her as well. I KNOW that God has a plan to use all of this for His glory. It's just the idea of us wanting children so badly and yet having to go through this loss twice. My heart breaks for you and Scott just as much as for Brent and I and Rebecca and Jake. I wish I could have a glimps of heaven's playground to see our 6 kids playing together and just spending their days in worship. There are days the only comfort I know is how these 6 sweet babies were spared life on this sinful earth!! But.... I would do anything for the chance to spend days holding these babies here on earth for a little while. The last few nights I have been spending late nights sitting in Carter's room working on the computer just begging the Lord to hear my cries and to allow you and I and so many other girls to have sweet babies. Thank you for the prayer and the love that you give me. What a joy it is to minister beside you during these days.

Robbie & Stacey Johnson

I have been and will be praying for Rebecca and her husband. Like you, my older child was such a healing balm to my heart after the death of our daughter, and it breaks my heart that she has yet to know that. I have also been praying for the Chapmans as they mark the joy of a wedding and the pain of remembering the home-going of Maria. You are right that only through the Lord Jesus can we mourn and be joyful together. He is a kind and sweet Savior to give us the grace for both.

We are facing yet another year in June without our sweet daughter, Abigail. Though eleven birthdays and almost eleven "heaven days" have come and gone, the pain is real and fresh. God is always sweet to remind me that we are that much closer to our reunion where nothing will ever separate us again.

Thank you, Kerry, for this virtual way of bonding with other mothers who have known similar sufferings. It is a precious honor to share another's burdens and to know that someone is sharing yours.


I am praying for you Kerry, Praying for the Mutz's and the Chapmans. I am going to come back tonight and pray over your comments as well. I am mourning and rejoicing with you.

As always, I ask for prayer for my husband Marty. He is awaiting a kidney/pancreas transplant and his health is detoraiting as he waits. He is the sole provider for our family and works so hard. We are praying for the donor to be a believer as well as their family. It will be a hard thing for them to let go of their family member who will give life to my husband. He has not been feeling well and we need prayer for continued health until transplant.


Praying for Rebecca and Jake, for you and your family, and for the Chapmans. May God surround all of you with his love and protect you.


Kerry, your compassion toward others in their suffering is so evident and I so desire the kind of christian fellowship you seem to have with your close friends. It is so hard for me, being a military/Chaplain's spouse, moving every two years, to develop close, christian friendships that are there through the hurts of life. I lost seven babies over the years and so many times found myself alone and searching for answers (not alone really since I always had my heavenly father) but the encouragement you give to those around you is really inspiring. I am praying for a close christian friend as we head to Singapore for three years and I pray I can reach out to those hurting around me, just as you have done. You have really been an inspiration!


My prayers go out for you and everyone on this blog. I pray that God will give you all peace and the desires of your heart. Please pray for me that I will be able to let go and trust God.
Thank you for your encouragement.

Renae R.

Hi Kerry,

I am new here, but have been following a little bit over the past year as we are going through our first international adoption, and so love your heart for orphans. That being said, I am so sorry for all the loss that has surrounded your family and those closest to you this past year. We have five beautiful biological children, but we have also lost six others to miscarriage...ours happened early in the pregnancies, so I cannot imagine what you or your friend Rebecca are going through..I have prayed for peace for you today, and for strength as you grieve along side your friend. The words from "It Is Well With My Soul" come to mind.....

We would appreciate your prayers as we go through the wonderful process of adopting our daughter from Bulgaria!!! Thank you for all the ways you have challenged me this past year, especially in the area of caring for orphans..your passion is contagious and I am so excited to bring this little girl home!!(I read the devotional, "Seeds of Change") I am praying that God will use ME in our church to bring awareness to the need for adoption and orphan care!!


I lit a candle for Rebecca and Jake Mutz at the Church of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. God bless.


Hardly have words, but so sorry for your losses. Praying for this sweet family. She needs you during this time. You don't have to "say" anything. Just being there for her will be comforting to her.


For the hurting and those praying for the hurting, Psalm 116 has been powerful for me recently!

Please lift up a family with three children (10-6 years old) whose mother/wife died in her sleep this weekend. The husbands name is Scott.

LORD, we are so needy for a touch from You. We are always needy and desperate for You, but are so aware of it when we are in pain and difficulty. Please give us the faith and grace to look to You, lean into You and say MOLD US until we resemble Jesus. YOU are good in every season. Please give us peace and a deeper revelation of Your love.

Psalm 116:7-9 "Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you. For you, O LOrd, have delivered my sould from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before the Lord in the land of the living."

Laura Miller

I will definitely say a prayer for them. My husband's cousin just experienced 2 losses, but finally last month gave birth to a healthy baby boy.....her 1st child died in the womb at approximately 6 mos.....then she had a miscarriage early on in her 2nd pregnancy.....and now she has a little butterball in her arms....as she has said....some people only dream of angels....she actually held one in her arms....


I have just prayed for you, Rebecca, both your families, and the whole Chapman clan.
Am up early with the Lord concerning some personal pain, as well as just enjoying some quiet time. And the Lord has led me here to intercede.....very humbling.

He sent this reminder my way yesterday in the midst of this present storm. I was already experiencing His blessing of peace, provision, ...and really thankful for it...
then this confirmation...

Psalm 94:18-19
"If I say, "My foot slips,"
Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up.
In the multitude of my anxieties within me,
Your comforts delight my soul."

Wow...that made me smile. God can bring delight in the midst of trial and storm.
He is so good. All glory to Him.

It is a priviledge to share in one another's
sufferings as sisters in the Lord Jesus and children of the awesome God of the universe.
Thanks for your honest transparency and encouragement.


Hi Kerry,

Just stopped over here, thinking about you. I am praying for you and that you be given extra strength as you journey along with the Chapman family through the days ahead. May God's Love just shine through you, Kerry!!

Praying, praying for all of you!!!

kim from mississippi

I rarely blog over here but i came to this blog straight from Mary Beth's blog about Maria Sue's birthday. I, too, had two miscarraiges and am blessed with 4 healthy children under my roof. My prayer request seems so trivial compared to the life of a child but here it is: we are i danger of losing all wordly possessions,compared to the lives of my children, this is nothing. However to the children, it will be something and I cannot stand to watch them hurt. They will be sad, insecure and will have to face life in the way I never wanted them to. Pray God will soften this for them. They have already been thru so much. This happens right after we received our packet to begin the adoption process for a baby girl in China. I am worried now that we wont be approved now that financial isues stand in the way. We will have a place to live, with my parents (praise God) Our future is so unclear, as is everyone's but I really want to get out of this valley. Pray that I will have a peace that passes all understanding. thanks so much

Prayer Request

My prayers are with them... May the Lord strengthen them more in these most trying times of their marriage.

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