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July 12, 2009


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If you're looking for more greens ideas... Try a green smoothie. It sounds gross, but it really isn't. My kids love it. In the blender put a cup of water, a banana, an apple, blend, fill with spinach (or what ever green really), blend, and you can add more spinach again and blend if you want and blend in a handful of ice cubes. We also add virgin coconut oil to ours (or flax seeds). We used to put raw honey in too, but find we don't need it.

Another one kids really like is crispy kale. Rip the kale into pieces (without the stem that goes down the middle) toss in olive oil on a baking sheet, stick in the oven at 375 for 10 to 15 minutes (check on it so it doesn't turn brown, you can turn them and/or take out the pieces that are getting crispy sooner than the others). It will get thin and crispy. Shake on some salt and eat - it's a little like french fries in a wierd sort of way.


I am going to buy that version of Pilgrims Progress to read to my kids. I know it will be good for all of us. I am thankful to hear you are doing better. Matthew 33-36 is our family verse.

Joni In MN

Oh Hallelujah for baby Joy!!! Congratulations to Tammy & Tony! :-)
^5 to ALL the rest of the Good News! Wow, what an exciting week for you ~ so kewl!
And a hug to Scott for being so supportive to you! One thing I (we) lacked in marriage was communication which I believe is #1; led to divorce... I'm so happy for you two! :-)
Many Blessings,
~Joni Lee

Debbie from Ohio

So nice to hear the updates on Scott, baby Charley, the adoption of little "Joy," the China Trip, and the healthy greens you got your children to have....God is so good. He cares about all things however big or small. God bless you!

Claudine Thompson


So glad to hear all of the wonderful updates! "God is faithful, even when we are faithless." What hope that verse gives me! Will continue to pray.

On the physical note: I also used to do green smoothies for my kids (now I don't have to always conceal -- they love all healthy food). I used organic plain yogurt (cow or goat), spinach, and whatever fruit anyone wanted. Always had a banana for sweetness & an apple. Everything else varied based on the season. The other way my kids always got greens was to put BarleyGreen & Beet powder in a small glass of diluted apple juice.

Hope some of this is helpful :) I had to start living this way years ago when my now 15-year-old was almost 2. They wanted to put him on an inhaler, he had pneumonia twice, and BELIEVE me -- I treated that little guy like GOLD when I was pregnant w/ him -- I wouldn't even have a cup of decaff or take even 1 Tylenol with him. I wondered, Why God? I've tried to do everything so healthy to keep him well. He had allergies to things like wool, mold, animals, and "the cow" -- in any form. I never had to give him the inhaler. As long as I could "control" the allergens and irritants and strengthen him with daily walks, adequate amounts of pure water, and lots of healthy food, he did great...and still does. It's a pain oftentimes, mostly b/c of the persecution you get from people (like I'm trying to deprive him). But...walk a mile in my shoes & see what you might do! I thank the Lord that He gave me the wisdom -- it most definitely didn't come from my own pea brain!

Sorry for the length. Sometimes I know it helps to hear you're not the only one...

(((Many blessings))),

Claudine T


I didn't know exactly where to write this and I hope you get it... but I just wanted to say, that I have had an EXTREMELY hard 3 years and reading your blog is so comforting and real. I love Jesus with all my heart and love serving Him in the ministry. I love how in your blog you say here it is, this is what I'm struggling with. and then you say ok here is the word I'm standing on. It is so nice to see someone else admit, "I struggle and it's hard but here's the word." That is so not ok in some churchs. Thank you for your honesty and humility. Praying that God is the lifter of your head and that it WILL get better, because IT WILL GET BETTER!!!!
His love,

Nicole Baker

Kerry, Hi! I just found your blog today. Funny that I had just been reading your words in the Hope for the Journey adoption companion book from Show Hope! Then I follow a link then another link and I am at your blog! We are in the process of our 5th adoption... we are adopting a little girl who resides at Shepherd's Field at Philip Hayden Foundation. You may know her! Her name is Holly and she has a giant congenital nevus on her face. We have been sponsoring her for 2 years and the Lord totally blessed us with her adoption paperwork. I am still in AWE of His works! Anyway... great blog. I read words that I really needed to here. So I THANK YOU! Praying for you as well!!!
-Nicole Baker


Hi Kerry, a few posts ago you mentioned you and Scott were part of a study on grace-based parenting. I have heard this term lately and was wondering if you could give a little more information. I googled it and see there is a book by Tim Kimmel. I often struggle between should I demand obedience or loosen up and it sounds like this might be a book about the middle ground. If you don't mind sharing is it the one you are studying and would you recommend it? Glad to hear your kiddies are eating their greens, wish I had started when mine were younger.



Glad to hear the positive updates, including getting to get the kids to eat their greens.

I do have a prayer request to ask - I'm having cervical fusion surgery next week. It's the first surgery I'm having since my Dad passed last Oct and I'm nervous because he is not here.

Thanks and continuing to pray for healing for Scott and all of you.


Vanessa Schaecher (from Nebraska)

Kerry...can you tell me how I could get the Hope for the Journey book that Nicole mentioned in her note to you? I would like to read it... vns1978@windstream.net

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