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July 30, 2009


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cindi m.

Congratulations, Scott & Kerry on the 9th Anniversary of your marriage date.

Love,joy,peace,long-suffering,gentleness, goodness,faith, meekness,temperance.....

Yep, there are 9 of 'em. It must be a special number! :)

Enjoy these days of rest, even those filled with crankiness and unexpected potholes.

I grew up in central southside Va. What quadrant of the state are you in?(no specifics)

Love from NC.

Debbie from Ohio

Quite full of wisdom, little Cole is! God sure is using him.
Congratulations on your 9th. Wedding Anniversary! God bless you

Vanessa Schaecher (from Nebraska)

What a special lesson from your little man! He is a young person after God's own heart. Congratulations on your 9th Anniversary.


Kerry, always encouraged by your blog. Congrats on 9 years!!! Enjoy vacation:)


Your seven year sure has a lot of wisdom..WOW~ It's amazing! I agree with Vanessa "A young person after God's own heart"! God has given you one special little boy!!! Be Blessed and Happy Anniversary!!

may gourlay

right out of the mouth of babes (little young men), what a great reminder! happy anniversary!

julie in ca

I love what Cole says, always seeing God in him. Congratulations on 9 years of marriage.

naomi cuozzo

Congratulations on 9 years together as a three fold cord!! Such precious words from Cole.... boy it is amazing how God uses your sweet boy to speak to me also!!!

Jolynn Van Wienen

i just couldn't believe the verse that you started this entry with!!! "He leads me beside quiet waters...He restores my soul". we just got back from a 2 week vacation out west in montana. we stayed at this beautiful cabin in the rockies and my precious moments were in the mornings when i got up to do devotions. the first day this was the verse that kept coming to me!! there was a stream down the hill from our cabin and i just sat with my eyes closed and listened to the stream. i've been missing seth so much lately and God gave me this time to restore my soul. in fact, i decided that this was going to be the theme of our first year with starlight ministries....that grief is like a stream...sometimes calm and uneventful and then times of rapids and crooked turns in the way. our theme verse will be "He leads me beside quiet waters and restores my soul"! that even in times of grief and missing our loved ones gone on before us...God hasn't left us, nor will He ever. in fact He is leading us and restoring us...if we only let Him. Thank you so much for this entry! it's just yet another confirmation to me that God is leading me...it feels so very good to hear His voice and to follow HIS lead. thank you! thank you! thank you!!!
jolynn van wienen
hudsonville, mi
PS: by the way...jo has now made us not only my heaven bracelet...but now each one of us has our own seth bracelet too! she has such a talent and has given me such a wonderful item that i cherish every day! thank you for passing her name along to me!!! i have a picture of them all on my blog if your interested in seeing them! :):)


"We humans sure are good at replacing the necessary crosses in our lives with things which feed our fleshly desire for temporary comfort but in the end leave us more empty rather than more fulfilled!"

I love that everything good comes from Him. So often we are trying to fill those "crosses" with things that are only shadows of Him! I keep praying (singing)

Lord Bind my wandering heart to Thee. I know I am prone to wander. The things my heart thinks would fulfill (not sinful) would only be wonderful b/c they are a picture of the Creator and how He wants to relate to us.

In the season of trial, I keep (more reluctantly as the pain endures) asking, take me as low as you need so that your life can be filled up in me and only You remain.

Thanks for faithfully sharing

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