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August 16, 2009


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Cindy S.

Dear Kerry,
This morning I was reading your latest posting to my husband as he was washing the breakfast dishes. And he stated after I read your post, "she's the real deal!" "She nailed it right on the head!" This is a big problem in our churches. We are all afraid to be real and transparent with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for your honest & open postings on your blog. They are very encouraging.

cindi m.

Dear Kerry,
What a beautiful post. Why can't Godly friendships all be like this?

Case in point: My husband & I have been attending a church for about 5 years. Sweet, sweet people there but still alot of "flesh." We feel that the Lord is nudging us elsewhere but everyone is discouraging that; isn't the point of real friendships to help one another grow as you fellowship? How do you handle the mindset of "You belong here; you can't leave us; God put you here(presumably forever) for a reason?"

Anyway, your post really spoke to my heart this morning. And the pictures are delightful!


Hi Kerry,
I have been following Naoimi's post after you mentioned it some time ago. It was fun to follow their adoption and nice to see you two families enjoying the kind of fellowship you speak of. It is a real heart treat when you can just be honest and know it will be given in return, building each other up. My husband and I have had some times of that but it definately could happen more.

Debbie from Ohio

Awww, looks like you all had an enjoyable visit and great fellowship together. Love the pictures!

Sweet Joni

May the Good Lord Our Savior bring many more years full of Faith, Hope & Love to you! :)

Wow! It's been a time since I've stopped by on your blog & sure have missed it but am so grateful to be able to come back - read all I've missed, see all the wonderful photos & receive such encouragement by your Words of Wisdom...open & honest!!! [And Cole's too!] :D It's quite interesting the comprehension of God's Word he is Living! Your parenting & Christ like teachings with him are AWESOME! And lil Maya certainly has grown just in the last month :) Her smiles are getting much bigger! So kewl! :D I'm also Thankful that Scott is feeling lots better too! :)

My computer had an over-haul so I'm learning lots of new things w/a different browser & the RSS feeds aren't on Home Page yet + I've spent lots of time at our church. LOVED photographing during our Week of VBS! Such adorable children! :D
So much good news [You can read up on my blog @ http://www.sweet-joni.blogspot.com]
Even the "bumps in the road" are much lighter w/Jesus leading me! :)
Last wk was the last surgery (prayerfully) on my Journey thru Cancer that began 01.28 PTL!!!

Thank You for all you share while Walking God's path...
Many Blessings & May you continue to find God's Peace from Within,

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