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August 12, 2009


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Carla Craig


Carla Craig

It's working now, I can post comments, YAY!

Debbie from Ohio

I LOVE THAT! I can hardly wait to see what God does with Cole as an adult, if Jesus doesn't come before that! Thank you for sharing that story....And we can certainly come to Jesus, that's for sure.......God bless!

Jenna Spears

Your such an amazing mom with such amazing kids! You are a gift and such an encouragement to me. Thank you.


Amen! Thanks for sharing.
Sarah in Idaho (soon to be Washington)


As a mom whose eleven year old son suddenly died two years ago I find your words inspiring for my soul. I stumbled on this site about a year ago and have checked in now and then and feel so much better every time I do. I'm so sorry for your losses and your friends losses and I thank you for using your gifts from God to help others. My hearts aches but knowing I am held by such a loving God drives me to want to live well and for God as long as I am here.
God, I pray for the grace to do your will and God please bless your daughter Kerry and her family. Amen and thank you Kerry!!
Peace, Kelly in Chicago

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