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September 27, 2009


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Oh that is so me! Lord I don't want to be nice to that rude person, can't I write a check instead? Sad but true.

Cindi M.

Yeah, that rings a bell with me, too. "Lord, I really don't want to do that. How bout I do this instead?......"

You didn't say how the situation ended. Did Scott gain an apology or the princess toys? :)

My daughter also prompted me to check out the "strong-willed child" book section at the library. She was about 10 at the time. The trouble was that she was a read-aholic and actually read them before I did which kind of lessened any sort of parenting tips I may have gleaned from them. Oh, well. She turns 25 tomorrow (Happy Birthday, Stef!) and she has turned out well. Still strong-willed, but well.

Good to hear from you, Kerry.

Love from NC.

mary hicks

kerry, she sounds SO much like samaria!! who just turned 7, and is now such an AMAZING girl!! we had about 3 years of "terrible 2's", but what an awesome girl God turned out to us! praying for you...rise above and receive the prize He has for you!
give maya a big hug from me!!!!
Lotsa love!!!
i am claiming that verse about Him wanting our "obedience not our sacrifice" for today! thanks!!! xo


I was reading, and, then really became concerned to read about Maya suffering frow "CWS"....I thought "OH NO"!!! AND...then read on...."chronic whining syndrome"!!! Just sat there and giggled....had NOT heard that one before!!!

Gotta love a strong willed child....every family MUST have one of these children!!! You will be amazed how much you really will learn from them....and love about them!!!

naomi cuozzo

Oh how I can relate!!! Since Home schooling my children, I am DAILY faced with so many attitudes in all three of them!! Being around them every moment of the day really gives plenty of time to reveal their sin nature. Thank you for this perspective.... it is wonderful and helps me to see how God continues to love me when I am whining!!!

Wish so much we could just get together more!

Continuing to pray for God's divine plan to be revealed for your life!!!

Jen Mellon Peterson

What a beautiful blog! I miss you. I am praying for you and your gorgeous family. I would love to hear from you soon.
Jen Peterson

sally mcrae

i loved this post...so are you going to write a parenting book anytime soon...parenting devotional maybe? =) I love how you get to the heart of your children; it's beautiful.

love you dearly Kerry!

Debbie from Ohio

I so, enjoy your blogs. Don't apologize for not blogging. I, too, have been on some of those roller coasters. I trust God with you that everything is going to be all right, whatever it is you're going through. He has given me a physical healing and I praise Him for that! We were created to praise Him, and I not only want to praise Him more but to also devote more time in reading His Word and praying. God bless you and your family.......prayers!

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