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September 15, 2009


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That was beautiful!!

May G

As a fellow homeschool mom, I also enjoyed the opportunity to start each day with devotional/discussion time. It is so natural to talk about God, not just on Sunday/Sunday School. My children have helped me grow in my walk and challenged me to be real.

kathy naylor

Please pray for those of us who will share this story with parents of our sunday/tues/wed childrens church. That God increase their expectation of God in Christ ordering the hearts and minds and way of our children. Thanks!
p.s. I cant wait to meet Cole when we all walk together in Gods kingdom and to meet his godly parents, sister and extended family who faithfully bring him along.


Today some little mundane things of life happened and the "world" would say God does not intervene in the mundane of life. I felt despair and doubt come over me as if it was true and I said to myself "no, I choose to believe that He does." Yeah, for Cole. It is right to hope.

Cindi M.

Hey Kerry,

Missing your posts, but I know you're busy with school, etc. Hope everything is going well with Scott, Cole & Maya.

Just wanted you to know I was thinking of ya.

Love from NC.

Note to Cole: The things that your Mom shares with us that the Lord is teaching you are sacred, and will never be made fun of on here. They are beautiful, pure and reverent. I thank you for your spiritual insight.

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