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October 26, 2009


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Stephanie (in Chile)

Kerry, This sounds like such a special time for your family and one that provided much-needed refreshment and encouragement. So thankful that you were able to experience these precious days. God bless you.

naomi cuozzo

Wow what an exciting time you are having!! I absolutely love hearing about all that God has been blessing you with and it sounds like you have really needed the time away!

Last night we watched Redemption...... yes, we have finally made it to series 7 of 24! All I kept thinking about was Nyanja, (but I could not remember her name and neither could Jeff!) I cannot believe that you mentioned her today!!! That is so the Lord because I felt Him laying her and her family on my heart last night as we watched the 2 hour episode!! My heart was so moved once again towards Africa and I just wonder what He is going to do regarding this. I would love to visit someday!

I also heard great things about Blindside and saw a preview a few weeks ago! It looks so good and I hope it makes its way over here to England so that we can see it.

Maya is so funny with her shoes and little sayings!! Tell Cole that when Isaac played Wii for the first time, he was also in so much pain afterwards!! He could hardly get out of bed! Our kids keep asking for one but we just keep telling them... maybe one day!!!

Love to you all!!


kathy naylor

Thanks for the update. The Angel of the Lord encamps around us!....not just a protective feel, but comforting and resting us. May each memory be enlivened by His presence with you!

Isaac Cuozzo

hey Cole

I miss you.
I love star wars and am collecting the figures like you!
It is my birthday soon and I am getting Anakin.
I've played on wii and know how you feel.



Hi Kerry, what a great time it sounds like you guys are having in Nashville!

You may not be ready to get a Wii regardless (we don't have one either) but we have a system for computer time that works really well at our house. We have a "coin" reward system. I bought some plastic gold coins at a party store, and my kids can earn rewards for having a great attitude, obeying without arguing, doing extra chores, etc, etc, or even just because they are great kids and I love them! :)

Anyway, we have a chart - sort of like a menu - that shows different rewards they can "buy" with their coins and how many coins each reward costs. One item they can buy is 20 minutes of computer time. Now there's now begging. When they ask for computer time I just ask, "Do you have enough coins?"

They were warned at the beginning that the "prices" were subject to change if after a while it seemed that the price was too high or too low. So you could alter the number of coins required, or the amount of time they could purchase, if needed.

It works great for us - just thought I'd share in case you do decide to get that Wii someday! :)


Hi Kerry. I have been following your blog for a while but have never posted before - thought I'd throw my 2-cents in on the gaming system thing! I was not really in favor of having one at our house either - didn't want the battles and didn't want my kids' lives to involve that much "screen time". But we, too, have a system that I am happy with. My 9 year old son has a Playstation (a gift from his grandparents), and a Nintendo DS (ditto), and he also enjoys playing computer games. HOWEVER, he is only allowed to play his Playstation 2x during the week, and then he can play on both Sat and Sunday. BUT he can ONLY play for 30 mins MAX at a time. Same thing on the DS and the computer (and the computer games are mostly educational). He cannot play more than one "screen time" thing a day (can't play the PS and the DS on the same day). I have tried to be careful to make sure that he doesn't place too much importance on the gaming, and he has on occasion been grounded from it when we see signs of it becoming an idol. Also, because he enjoys it so much, we have found that taking those privileges away are a good form of discipline for him, as we have moved away from as much physical punishment at his age.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say that I can understand why you haven't wanted to add that temptation to your household, but if you have limits in place that you are comfortable with, there end up being NO battles about it. The rules are the rules - period.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, and have often been both blessed and challenged by your writings. Thank you for sharing your heart.


Hey Kerry- what a great update! I started laughing when I read that Cole's arms were too sore to dress himself! haha- hilarious!! Can't wait to see you guys soon! :)

Cindi M.

Hey Kerry,

Interesting update.

I'm in the process of reading "Calvary Road" now. Some premises jumped out at me such as "The Lord does not fill a dirty cup" and "All unlove must be recognised as sin." I don't think I've ever heard the term "unlove" before. When asked what is the opposite of love, most folks think 'hate' or 'fear,' but the term 'unlove' covers the gamut of those & everthing else that is not love. It sounds so simple, but is so deep when we apply it to ourselves.
It sounds like your family has had some quality time together lately. With children, there's never a dull moment, and they're always teaching us something, such as how not to be embarassed in planetariums when the heavens light up more than usual and our offspring is resposible. The term "teachable moments" applies to us just as much as it does to those we're trying to impart knowledge to!!!
We want to see Blind Side when it comes out. Have you heard about the movie The Secret of Jonathan Speery? It will have limited, church-sponsored showings, but it sounds good and I hope it does well.
Again, thanks for the update and the recommendation of "Calvary Road."
Love from NC.

JoAnn McWhorter

Hi there,
I enjoy your blogs very much. You said that amy and steven sang a song together at the bluebird cafe, what song was it? I wish i could have heard it!!

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