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November 22, 2009


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Your blog has been in my RSS feed for over a year now and my morning habit is to read through Daily Bible Readings, the daily devotion from My Utmost and my RSS. While you had your own reasons for writing this post and publishing today, I can say that you also wrote it for me. We are about 4 months from bringing home two special needs sons from China and while most of the time I'm "in the groove" with it all, I spent much of yesterday and last night allowing myself to be overcome by fear. Fear of the loss of sense of normalcy, fear of the cost of this all, fear of attachment issues for our new children, fear of family bonding for all our kids, just about every fear imaginable... I stewed in the fear the whole restless night...
So, I am grateful for your post and I will print it and hang it on my mirror. Thank you!

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