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November 02, 2009


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Amen and Amen!
I remember a verse found in II Timothy 2:20-21 - talks about cleansing one's self from ignoble purposes, then we can be used for noble purposes. Daily purging of one's self is necessary. God is compassionate.


Great word!

Tricia W.

Thank you for the great post. Words I needed to hear this day. Will miss seeing you in Nashville. Tricia W.


hi kerry! i very randomly came across your blog & it is amazing! it looks like during the years that have passed since i last saw you have been on quite a journey! your family is beautiful and you haven't aged a day!!! :) i would love to catch up!
much love, ash

Praise and Coffee

Beautiful post, thank you!

Claudine T in MD


Haven't been here for some time. I have to say, every time I am, I am both blessed and challenged. You are filled with so much wisdom and godly insight.

My husband and I are first generation Christians and only became Christians after marriage. So...over the last 20 years we've had MUCH to learn.

Thank you for the words you share. They are life, because they point to Christ and His Cross.

Hope your entire time in TN was blessed. We were scheduled to be there, but I got sick just prior. Trying to remember that my disappointments are really HISappointments.

The Lord bless & keep you...& give you peace,

Claudine T in MD

Claudine T in MD

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