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November 25, 2009


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My husband and I are headed to Honduras into full-time ministry to orphans on the Mosquito Coast town of Puerto Lempira ... I will add that this opportunity presented itself only after we were obedient to the call to be foster parents and adopt 2 additional children.

Like your father, I am a lawyer who is very interested in both Honduras and adoption. It would be a blessing for my husband or I to be able to speak with him and pray for his efforts. If he is willing to speak with us, feel free to give him my e-mail... fostermommy07@gmail.com

Thank you for this series on loving the fatherless. It is excellent!

Sweet Joni

You've made very good points here Kerry & I hope you had a great Thanks-giving with family!
For me, I look at the what's needed the most whether it's far or near... We cannot survive without water therefore it clearly makes sense to help those without it.
Then love & compassion, shoes to protect the feet... Oh, I think I answered my own queestion that I'd left in 2 posts before!!! ha Thanks Kerry for being here in God's Creation!

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