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November 10, 2009


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Carla Craig


This is what I am learning through our adoption. Like you said, the only way God can be glorified is when our flesh is out of the way. This experience has shown me that I cannot do anything "good" without Him. Times I thought that there was no way I could go another day in this situation, He brought me out stronger in Him. Each time I have hit rock bottom, He has raised me up with more peace and joy than I had before. I am learning to have peace wherever He has me and to trust whatever He puts into my life. It's not easy, as you know and I still find myself in the "pit" at times. But He lovingly and patiently brings me out and each time I feel different. I feel newer. I don't know if this is the right word "newer", but it is how I feel. Thank you for encouraging others through your experiences and the things that God has shown you. I appreciate you and thank God for you!

Love you,

naomi cuozzo

This is probably one of the most profound insights you have ever written! Or does it touch me so deeply personally because this is what the Lord has been showing us this last year through adoption and our lives in the ministry!

I cannot wait to share this with Jeff when he gets back from Israel.

love you Kerry,

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