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November 19, 2009


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Angela Belle Gamble

Kerry, I decided to check your blog today and am so glad I did. Always a reminder of what it's all about. I've lost contact with you somehow but wanted to let you know that you're still close in my thoughts and prayers. Please pray for us as we have some specific doors we are praying in front of. We've watched God open doors in incredible ways in the past few months!
For HIS children,


Hi Kerry,
We have started the process for fostering/adoption here in Canada and we are getting nearer our homestudy time. Many thoughts go through my head about it ... is it fair to my other children and will I love that child like my own and than other times I have confidence about it all when I think of how Jesus sees children. Our income is not alot and I hope it is enough for us to be approved. We are just waiting to see how the Lord unfolds it all.

naomi cuozzo

Kerry have you visited Katie's blog in Uganda www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com? Her recent post is very similar to yours about seeing the orphans as your own children.

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