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November 17, 2009


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This chapter seems to play in my head thru & thru; reaching out to those in need. For a time, I lived that life when it 'seemed' no one wanted to bother with me... perhaps that's when God was teaching my soul about HIS Word & Compassion for others? I suppose our life experiences are a sermon in itself... to allow us to look toward Our Creator in all we do. Thanks Kerry for sharing the truth.

QUESTION: there's soooo many different charities out there these days asking for money to support... Of course I can give to them all so HOW do you decide which ones to give??? {Besides showHope that is} ;-)

Thanks Kerry for all you do for His Children!!! =)
In Christ,


We're in brazil right now adopting 4 of God's children. My oldest boy is Yesting us hard and it's difficult to see Jesus in Him. Will you pray for him and us??

kathy naylor

Your query is my exact own of late! May God have all of His own seeking Him in these last days. It brings to mind a lyric I love of M.Card..."He is in the pain, He is in the need, He is in the poor we are told to feed.....In His distressing disquise, He waits for us to surmise: that when we take care of the poorest of them, weve really done it to Him..." And may we realize Him in those He has under our common roof!

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