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November 29, 2009


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Jenna Spears

How did you know I needed this today??? Thank you for being faithful and speaking God's truth's no matter what. It makes an impact on my life. Your a treaured friend/sister to me.


This post and the previous one apply so much in my life right now. Thanks for writing. I look forward to watching the sharing our testimony post but first off to homeschool.


Hi Kerry,
Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I haven't posted for a while, please know I continue to pray for you often. I believe God has great plans for you!

mary hicks

beautiful kerry, as usual! thank you for sharing!!


Beautiful story, Kerry! Thank you for sharing this and for being so candid and real. God is doing a mighty work in you. I am so thankful to read your blog and have the opportunity to learn about Him through you. Hang in there. You know he has a perfect plan. Surrendering to HIS plan and HIS timeline isn't easy, but He is getting you ready for whatever it is he has in store for you and your future. And you know it will be PERFECT, because His plan is perfect. Sit in His lap and allow Him to fill the hurt and hole in your heart for your little one. Blessings, Julie


Kerry, this is such an encouragement for me right now, my husband and I are in the process of waiting for a phone call that will tell us if we have 3 adopted children or not. This was great to read. The story about the man and his Korean child it's such a beautiful story about God's faithfulness! Thank you for posting this! Blessings

Angela Johnson

Hi Kerry,
Thank you so very much for your continual open and honest sharing of yourself. In doing so, you have helped not only me, but countless others fight through our individual journeys in life. I came to your blog through one of Mary Beth Chapman's sites. Littl Maria Sue's story took hold of my heart from the very begining and has not let go. Little did I know that her family's openness and honesty as they continue life on this side w/o Maria would be one of the main keys to my survivng on this side of life w/o my 7 angels (miscarried and 1 stillbirth 3 days before delivery). Today, 6 months after Baby Ty's death, I am amazed and overwhelmed at the women and men of God you, your hsband, and the Chapman's are. Thank you for all you do in so many areas of his kingdom. May God continue to bless you and your family!

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