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December 28, 2009


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Kari Stewart

Congratulations Kerry!!
I am a new reader to your blog and have been so blessed by your posts.
I will be praying for your pregnancy and for the beginning of your adoption journey!!!
God is good and He is faithful!


Congratulations, Kerry and Scott! I will be praying for your unborn baby in your womb and your son or daughter God will give you through adoption. Such precious gifts!

naomi cuozzo


Of course I knew about your desire to adopt, BUT I did not know about the little precious Babe in your womb!!!!

We will be praying for both your children!!! So exciting and we really MUST skype you before Jeff heads off to Israel again this Saturday!!!!

Love to you all!!!


YAY!! Congrats!! Much love and joy and peace to you and family!!!


Tears of joy for you and Scott! Praying that God continues to give you peace and grows a strong healthy baby to enter your beautiful family!


Kerry, so glad to hear your news. I have been praying for you and will continue. God Bless you and your family.

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

 cindi m

I'm sitting here with a big ole smile on my face, Kerry. Thank you for sharing your news with us!

God is Soooooooooo Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love from NC.


How did the Lord decide to allow us to live lives in such a similar path?? How amazing. I am excited to walk through this path with you all. Each time I pray for our little baby I will lift you up as well. Much love!! Jenna

Julie in Ca

Congratulations, I am praying for you and your family. I love the part about expecting his grace! Beautifully said!




Wonderful news Kerry. I will be praying for you and your family.

mary hicks

PTL kerry!!! i am putting you on my daily prayer list....you will be lifted up to Him everyday before you even wake up! lotsa love girlie!!!!


Wonderful news. Will be praying for you. Congratulations.

Amy Lessin Diehl

Kerry and Scott, Congratulations! YOu are in our prayers and will continue to be. Kerry, I love reading your blog. I love reading about your sweet children and the wonderful things that Cole says. I will never forget that horrible night almost two years ago. You both helped me grow that night and you continue to help me grow through your blog. I am praying for you...

Jolynn Van Wienen

what amazing news to be able to share with us!!! i pray for peace of heart for you. i know that feeling of not wanting to become 'too attached too soon' but already having all the love you can imagine for this little one. my prayer is that you'll be able to enjoy this pregnancy fully and that the worries/fears you may have will be kept at bay. we, too, were in the process to adopt lydia from guatemala when God said 'nope....not busy enough....here you go!' and little ben was born (after 3 miscarriages from years before) exactly 3 months to the day after our seth ran Home to be with Jesus. God is good - ALL the time, even in those moments of deep, deep sorrow....He is good! and now look at you - with a new year upon you and so much to look forward to!! So excited for you and scott!! have a blessed new year!!
jolynn van wienen
hudsonville, michigan


Dear Kerry - so great to read your post. I have the same faith struggle as you - what does that really look like?? God is revealing it very slowly. Praying for surrender for and in all (that is my recent heart prayer about so many things). An author that I like,Richard Rohr, said, "The power that Jesus trusts and offers is precisely the power that is found when you have no control at all". Praying for you as you wait and watch. Tricia W.

joanna rummel

Thank you for sharing this awesome blessing with us. I will be praying for the child you are carrying in your womb and the child you are carrying in your heart through adoption. We too have suffered through the loss of 2 children due to miscarriages so I know the fear and pain you have. I will be praying for peace and health for you and your family.
God Bless you.


CONGRATS!!! Praying that your have a happy, healthy and uneventful pregrancy and your adoption journey is quick and smooth.

God bless!

Carla Craig

Such good, good news, sister! Will continue to keep you all in my prayers!

Sweet Joni

Well I'll be! God's grace shines threw & lights the faith for yet another child of His!!! :) Harvesting those seeds you've both sowen is certainly a blessing from our Creator God Almighty! May it be His will for yet another child of His to become loved upon in such a Christian Loving Home as yours! To know the peace & security of a family DOES matter to God!!! :)

And Congratulations of His baby within also!!! What a gift He has given for you to cherish!!! 10 wks is a wonderful good start! :)

Peace, Love, Prosperity to You,

Jodi Lewandoski

Wonderful news Kerry! I am so happy for you and Scott and your kiddos. I pray for a healthy pregnancy, and adoption is such a beautiful option even with a healthy pregnancy :) We are adopting through Reeces Rainbow, and the need is SO great. In case you haven't heard of it, please take a look.

Jodi Lewandoski

Jen Mellon Peterson

What wonderful news:) May God bless your growing family. I will pray that you and Scott have peace during this time and are able to enjoy all of the changes going on inside of you! Big Hugs!
Jen Peterson


I was out of town and reading on my phone when I first read this post, but I couldn't comment! It was KILLING me! I'm finally home and can say CONGRATULATIONS Kerry!! I am thrilled for you and praying! Keep us updated on everything!!


Congratulations Kerry! I am new here and just wanted to say 'hello'!! Praying that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy adoption journey!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

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