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December 02, 2009


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Julie in Ca

I was just telling my husband tonight that I wish we could record everything our son says to remember someday when he is grown. It is one of our favorite loves of homeschooling also,


What a blessing to be able to experience these little moments! Thank you for sharing! Oh, and which animated film did you watch with them on the crucifixion?

Cindi M.

This brings back fond memories of my homeschooling days with my son.

....And Kerry pondered these things in her heart.....

Carla Craig

So good! There will be many more blessings to come because of homeschooling, some you will not experience until the later years. Lots of blessings in store!

kathy naylor

Why I love (that K.H. is) Homeschooling
1.The Lord is glorified!
2.Glorified the Lord is!
3.Is the Lord ever glorified!

cindi m.


Are you and your family going to lift up the prayer bowl (incense) again this year? I really appreciated your prayers last year.
I could feel them.

Love from NC.


You are such an inspiration to me.

Bill Dolbow

Kerry, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. Bill

 cindi m

Where are you, Kerry? Is everything ok?

Do you ever struggle with the "Joy" because you are so blessed and feel bad (almost guilty-ish) because everyone isn't as fortunate in life's circumstances as you? Especially around the holidays? (OK sorry. Just thinking out loud. I'll quit.)


I wish you, Scott, Cole, Maya, your folks & all your extended family a
Very Merry (Kerry)Christmas!

Love from NC.


Praying for you Kerry. Hope you had a Blessed Christmas.

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