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January 06, 2010


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naomi cuozzo

Happy Birthday Scott!! Wish so much we could celebrate with you.... maybe next year... wouldn't that be fun!!!

Also know that we are praying for you and this baby. In fact I will have my kids pray for you every morning in our devotional time... I'll add you to the list! It is so neat to see Cole's perspective.

cindi m


Shake the crumbs out of the sheets and get busy with that cake, girl!!! Let us know the outcome. (scratch,box or bought)

Oh,and how's the fish?

Love from NC.


Praying for joy and peace for you all today and tomorrow. God is our rock, our refuge, our strength, and He is eternally faithful to us. Hugs to you.

Hannah Harris

Thank you for sharing your heart. Oddly enough, I completely understand the sadness of fish and relating it to heavenly children.

May you be at peace during this pregnancy and find joy in even the smallest things.


Sweet Joni

Happy 38th Birthday Scott :)

What a guy, Cole, is! Taking right after his dad... kind, tender hearted, warm, loving. Wow! A pure blessing from God to you Kerry! :)

Michelle Jamie

Happy Birthday to you hubby!


Happy birthday to your sweet husband! Thanks for sharing your heart - I think you should write more often in the middle of the night. It really touched me and where we are right now. Let us know how the scratch cake thing goes - have never tried it myself!

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