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January 19, 2010


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I have enjoyed "catching up" on your blog. Such a blessing. Thank you for sharing the video from Focus. And I loved the stream of conscience post! I am finding that we are more and more alike! Can't wait to fellowship in heaven if we don't get the chance before! We have been so blessed by ShowHope. We have received, to the glory of God, grants that helped bring our 2 year old and 4 month old children home to join their 4 siblings! Praying for your pregnancy, the baby, and your whole family!
In Christ,


Good morning, Kerry,

I have been a long-time blog reader. Your words continue to inspire and bring many a smile to me, thank you, Kerry.

I write this morning, wondering, wondering how we can help the Haitian orphans. I have respected, so much, your opinions and thoughts in regards to loving the orphan well. I come here this morning,in Hope, that you might be able to shed some light, and, share some of your thoughts, as to how we might be able to help the orphans of Haiti, today. Share, if you will, what it is that we might be able to do for them in their moment of need, which is, in my opinion, now, today. I have read posts on other blogs regarding contacting local congress people, I have read posts/thoughts on churches attempting to head into Haiti and return with orphans. Reading and reading many peoples thoughts and words, and, yet, truly, not knowing what it is we/I can do this moment.

As I say, I respect so much, your truth and Pure heart when it comes to your wisdom in orphan care. When you have a moment and have gathered your thoughts, I would so look forward to hearing your Hope of how we might be able to love the orphan of Haiti, today.

As always, thank you so much!!

Carla Craig


I know that it is wayyyyy more complicated that this, but it is a shame that the church cannot step up and take in these children temporarily until something permanent can be decided for them. Look how many mega churches sit empty 80% of the time. Many of them having gyms, showers, kitchens, etc. Just sitting there not being used until Sunday, Wednesday or special event. It is really sad. I know there are many government issues involved, but churches are sending people out into mission fields and this is an opportunity for them to bring the mission field into their church family/building. Just a thought.

Love you!

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