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January 15, 2010


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Nicole Espino

I love you Kerry!! Your blogs always move me to tears. God truely does bring beauty from our ashes, because, you are a beautiful godly women and I am blessed to know you! I am sorry for the hurt and pain your family has been through. Know that we love you and miss you guys so much!


Hi Kerry, my kids and I have been praying for your little one during our homeschool devotions. This blog post relates to my life very much. My Doctor told me this week I have cysts on my liver. I am to go in for some more tests. Although, he feels it is not a concern that old fear arises from health problems past. The feelings made me think of what the people in Haiti must be feeling on a so much grander scale. Thanks for the reminder that He does turn ashes into beauty.


I continue to pray for you. So happy to hear you are feeling Gods hand on you. I pray you will continue to feel His great joy.

cindi m

This sentence hit me this morning:

"It is important that we remember so that we care enough to pray."

We say we care about this person, or that person, or this situation or that......but do we really? The word "care" is kinda like the word "love." We throw it around loosely sometimes. Do we really care?

Enough to pray?

Thanks, Kerry, for making me search my heart a little (no, alot) deeper.

Jenna Spears

Still praying for you friend!

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