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January 24, 2010


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sally mcrae

I must agree with you Kerry...I too desire to see the foster care system revamped. I worked in a level 16 facility for 6 months and was in shock at how it was managed...not according to the needs of the kids- but the politics of it all; it was a battle each and every day I worked there. On a personal level- I painfully watched as my sisters were taken away and placed in foster care homes, and group homes for 9 months- their experiences changed them (negatively) forever and to this day; they still struggle (greatly) to put one foot in front of the other on their own. My heart aches for the many that are in "the system". My husband worked as a teacher to severely emotionally disturbed junior high and high school students at a local public high school and many of them were foster kids. I am in no way saying that EVERY foster kid is wrecked or that EVERY foster family is corrupt; however, feel strongly (as I relate on a very personal level) that the foster system needs some serious examining. Kerry, I want to thank you for sharing your heart and for further explaining your thoughts; your compassionate heart for orphans and just people in general is always apparent. May the Lord continue to bless you.

Sweet Joni

I'm pretty 'sheltered' when it comes to outside the US so my question would be why is there so many children with lost paperwork? I do understand 'confidentiality' completely but don't children in other parts of the world need to have birth records like US? Just something I'm not understanding here or perhaps not suppose to, who knows... either way it tears me apart inside that so many lil ones need to suffer when there's so many [not all but many] of us that would LOVE to LOVE them even if it were a short time...
For reasons beyond my amazement I'm not 'qualified' to adopt but I am qualified to Love AND Provide at least temporarly.

All in all I'm ever so GRATEFUL there are those who are going down to help this whole situation out & for that I praise the Lord!

And yes, "the system" NEEDS a positive change! When a judge allows children to stay in a foster home even after evidence in court of pornography & verbal abuse there is diffently something WRONG!!! ugh And let me clarify {not just foster homes either}...

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