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January 22, 2010


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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I was so moved to read of your Mom and her hope to possibly head to Haiti! My heart has been heavy, today, after seeing an eleven year old Haitian girl, she had physical injuries, both legs broke, due to the earthquake, but, the emotional injuries, her wailing for her Mother,who has not been found, is what really has weighed heavy on my heart. Thank your Mama, Kerry, for her attempt to love those who are so desperate at this time.

I, once again, am encouraged by what you have shared and written. Thank you!!

naomi cuozzo

You have put into to words what I could not...... that perfect balance of doing what we can to help and yet trusting in God to show everyone and direct us in through prayer. I am so grateful for your involvement still in orphan care and all the connections you have made over the years. I have even visited CCAI website for more info knowing that you were a part of establishing this organisation to particularly help in times like this.

I do not know the answer either but I do know that God is faithful to show us when we ask. I am open to whatever He wants.....

sally mcrae

thank you kerry!!! i have been so moved by this situation i literally started crying on the treadmill at the gym as i watched CNN news rescue a toddler; this is so devastating- praying for direction- how our family can be used to help. will pray for michele right now. blessings xooxox


i just really want to comment on what you said about foster families. i am a foster mom AND an adoptive mom. the overwhelming majority of foster families are WONDERFUL, loving people. of course the media loves to take the story and run with it when they hear of a horrible foster home. but you will almost never see a normal foster family on tv. we are homestudied just like adoptive families are (i've been through the process multiple times). we have a lot more involvement from people looking over our shoulder (caseworkers, licensing workers, CASA, guardian ad litem, and in-home therapists) than adoptive families do. we also receive more training in child trauma and attachment issues than adoptive families do. the truth is that our foster care system does have it's problems. mainly stemming from arbitrary laws, no accountability (the foster childrens' right to confidentiality covers a world of bad decisions made by caseworkers and judges, we can't tell anyone the things that happen behind closed doors), and the fact that most of the time the people making these decisions do not know the children or love them at all. the truth is that our foster care system is still LIGHT YEARS better than the orphanage system in haiti (BEFORE this tragedy struck) or anywhere else for that matter.

we take kids into our home and love them like our own, without even knowing what the outcome will be. i've lost children i could not possibly love more if i pushed them out myself, for reasons that were totally unfair (disputes between tribes for instance) and not at all in the kids' best interest. i've had my heart broken again and again, and i keep right on doing it because this is the ministry i was called into.

i think it's great that you are bringing attention to these issues of adoption and what's going on in haiti. but i really disagree that foster families are "unsafe" when we go through the same process that adoptive families do. there are plenty of people that are not happy with the families that adopted them, but i still wouldn't make such a comment about adoptive families. there are good and bad people in all walks of life. please don't knock foster families. we choose to bring the mission field into our home, and we accept the uncertainty even when we would like nothing more than to call a child "ours" forever.

Denise Davis

My husband and I are interested in fostering children from Haiti. My husband and I have been fostering for sixteen years and we just accepted our 74th child into our home. I am a stay at home parent that left my full time job a few years back so that I could give the children in my care the love and attention that they deserve. I know that there are some foster care horror stories out there but my husband and I strive to be different I guess. We strive to make sure that they children are apart of our family and that even if they go home to family that they will always have us to call family as well. We treat them as if they are our own. My husband and I are interested in giving this opportunity to children from Haiti and we were wondering if you could direct us in the right direction to get this goal accomplished. Thanks for any help that you can send our way.


Thank you! I have contacted our state foster care office today. I am not sure if it is the right direction, but I feel the need to do something so I am seeking it out and praying that God will show me what to do!

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