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February 25, 2010


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Julie in CA

Praying for baby girl Hasenbalg. Praising God for this blessing on your family.

I lost a baby at 13 weeks between my two children. I have never known why and like you said, I am thankful for God and his sovereignty in the situation. I have never worried about why. It was and is still hard knowing that I never knew my child. I also know, that I wouldn't have my daughter that is here today, if I had that baby. I got pregnant with my daughter one month after losing that baby. So I rejoice in the opportunity to raise this child. I hope that makes sense. It is just my experience, not anything written to you. Just felt good to share that. I really don't talk about my loss much, unless it is to someone who has been there.

naomi cuozzo

Yeah!!! A little sister!! I cannot wait to tell my kids!!! (and Jeff!) I am so glad that baby is doing well and that the Lord AND the Doctors are taking really good care of you!! We continue to pray for you every day!!!

love you all!! It was so good to finally skype!!

Carla Craig

Congratulations sister! For some reason when I would pray for you, I would pray for your little baby girl, just the other night I noticed it and wondered why I was doing this. I feel the same way about moving forward with our China adoption. Trusting God for His plan and not what we think is best or what is easier, if we did, we would have closed the door a while back. We'll see what God has for us both!! Love you!!


Yahoo!! Yay for you!! Cheers to a healthy little girl!!!


What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart on this topic.

I miscarried our first and only pregnancy in the early stages. The pain and loss took a very long time to heal. God is compassionate and He does bring healing in due time.

It took a long time to understand any reason behind our loss and subsequent infertility. As I look back over the time in which our daughter's mother was pregnant and where I was medically, I realize the 1) I could not have carried a pregnancy to term and 2) I could not have cared for a newborn.

God did have a plan for my plan to be a mother. It just didn't take the road I assumed that it would. The hardest part, for me, was accepting His plan above mine. But now that I hold our daughter in my arms, I can't help but wonder at the miracle of adoption--she couldn't be any more perfect of a fit into our family had she come from my womb. Yes, God's plan was good.


Yay Kerry!! SO excited for you guys! Can't wait to see you soon!

The Other Alice

Congratulations all! In my prayers. :)


Congratulations. Continuing to pray for you and this sweet baby girl. Thank you for sharing your story of loss. I will never know what it is to carry and give birth to my own child, but trust God that if He wants to bless me with children He will.

Rachel Murphy

Congratulations and God bless your family and your little growing girl!!! I think of you and your family often, as I have also lost 4 children, all of whom died before they were born. I am always encouraged by your wise and hopeful outlook on your struggles and losses. I am still struggling with what to do next--our one living child was not born healthy, but is thriving after life-saving heart surgery, and I am so thankful for her. I am convinced that God wants us to grow our family, and I think I feel His gentle urging to try again for a biological child, but the fear of another loss paralyzes me. I will be praying for an easy second half of pregnancy and complication-free delivery! And thank you for your encouragement through this blog--it truly holds me up on days when I need it the most!

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